God’s perfect timing

God is showing His timing is perfect to me and my family. I also think God was teaching us patience at the same time. There have been a couple notable instances of items arriving just in time recently I’d like to share.

My husband ordered some paperback books several weeks ago from different vendors. He was worrying that they would not arrive before we left on vacation. However, they were all in the mail the day before we left.

I had to go to the doctor after my car accident in early February. I have no medical insurance. Luckily the other driver who was at fault had good insurance which covered my bills. I submitted the bills and answered all their numerous forms  and questions but got no response from the insurance. I was still getting bills. The bills said the insurance had been notified but not yet paid them.

I am one to fret over unpaid bills, especially when I don’t know where the money will come from. Not hearing from the insurance should have been unsettling. I was also starting to worry over where the money for my college this fall will come from. Strangely, each time I pondered and started worrying over these bills something (I can only assume it was the Spirit) said “wait, relax”. So I waited and tried to trust.

Well, the day before we were to leave on vacation a notice came in the mail from the insurance company offering to settle for 5 times the amount of the medical bills! That would pay the medical bills and leave enough to take classes this fall without getting a loan. Yet there was also a new medical bill for $200. I called the insurance and told them about the new bill. They added it to the settlement amount with no questions asked. Plus, they said I didn’t have to wait for a check. I could pick it up at the local office in a few hours.

One more thing was a lock. My husband bought a new padlock for our boat. It’s the kind you can change the combination. Our son was playing with the lock after we set the new combination. When we went to lock it up the lock wouldn’t open. My husband was very upset. He spent about 5 minutes trying to open it. I tried. He tried again. Still it wouldn’t budge. My husband punished our son for playing with the lock. He told him the cost of the lock would come out of his allowance if it had to be replaced. A few minutes later it opened with the combination we had set. My husband asked what had changed since we both repeatedly tried it with no success. I replied that perhaps our son had prayed.

Yes, God’s timing is perfect. My husband’s books arrived just in time for him to read them on vacation. If I had rushed or pestered the insurance company I doubt if I would have gotten such a good settlement.  Indeed all things do work for the good of those who serve Him to exalt His glory, even a car accident or padlock.


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