New CLE primers

Our Christian Light Education order has arrived. There was something for everyone. My books, Richard and Karen’s school books. Part of Karen’s school was the 4 primers from their new version of Learning to Read.  We started the old LTR last year and got about halfway through. (I had planned to take 2 years anyway since she was just 4). After the first few lessons though, we did not use the old primer. It was so frustrating for her. However, when we looked at the new ones at the display last month, they were just what she needed. I almost regret not ordering the last half of the new program, but decided to just get the primers.

She’s already read the first one through several times and enjoys it. Today she read in the second one and told me she really loves these books. Complete with hug and big smile! The smaller sized books and new word presentation order to coordinate better with the LTR program (even the older version) are perfect for giving her reading confidence instead of frustration. While they are made to go with the new new LTR program, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone no matter what program they are using. Like all CLE readers, the stories are wholesome.

The paperwork for ordering from the school district allotment came in today’s mail. The science program we want to use was not listed for purchase order but we can order it and get reimbursed. I still haven’t figured out history. With 2 kids, I’ll have $2800 to spend. Wow! Considering she can use hand-me-downs except for consumables, I doubt if we will spend it all.


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