Restaurant evangical

We were eating at a restaurant last night when a man came over to our table and started speaking Russian to us. I was wearing a pink cape dress and green head scarf. My husband has a full beard that is a little long and was wearing a plain shirt. Apparently he thought we were Russians.  This man had an even longer beard and similar hairstyle to my husband.

The man was part of a group of conservative Christian Russians living in this community. He was in town to visit one of his sons. It was a little odd because this group has a reputation of keeping to themselves and not interacting with others outside their group very much. If we’d been dressed worldly, I doubt he would have approached us since we were the only ones in the restaurant he talked to. Just goes to show how you dress does make an impression on others. I’m glad our dress said we are Christians.

Anyway we explained we don’t speak hardly any Russian so he switched to English. He told us he was from a town about 100 miles from us. He wanted to know where we went to church and I told him. He then turned to my husband and asked if he also went. Strange to assume we don’t all go together, but he was correct. My husband isn’t a believer and usually doesn’t go with us. The man said he and his family home church. Then he gave us directions to his house and invited us to come if we are down that way.

We were having dessert when he came over again. We exchanged names and a little about our families. He then talked about Jesus being most important thing in life. He wasn’t like most “Bible thumpers” who are rude and insulting. This man was very quiet. He never raised his voice. Not the usual believe or go to Hell. No. He just quietly exalted the Lord to us and how He worked in their lives. You could see the love in his eyes for the Lord. If all evangelicals were like him, I think there would be more success. He made you want to have his love.

It would be interesting to visit this man and his family. I didn’t get the impression it was a mocking or meerly a polite invitation. I think if we actually showed up at his door one day, we would be welcomed.

My husband didn’t really say much. I see the Lord putting Godly people in his path more and more. Real men, not wind up Christians who don’t live their faith in daily life. People he would normally like who just happen to also love the Lord. Hopefully he will see the importance of the Lord in their lives. The Mennonite minister who is a cabinet maker. The leader from our church who is an engineer.


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  1. It sounds as if he might be an “Old Believer.” When the Russian Orthodox Church revised its liturgy, oh – 200 hundred years ago – some groups split off. Now, there are Old Believers and there are Old Believers. Some come close to being heretics (denying the trinity, the resurrection of the body, or the sacraments). Mostly they have their own priests or someone amongst their group who acts as a leader. By all means, look them up, but with a caution and a grain of salt.

  2. Magdelena,
    Actually, I think this group comes from the Mennonite tradition instead of Orthodox, especially some of what he said.

  3. Oh, that’s really interesting! Yes, there were Russian Mennonites, and Canadian Mennonites worked to get them moved when they were uner persecution in the Old Country. I had just assumed that since they were in Alaska, they were Orthodox. Do they use Russian in their services?

  4. The Orthodox churches are mostly along the coast and older interior villages. The Mennonites settled in the central interior. Yes, they do use Russian in their services.

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