Fitness update 2010 #4

It’s hard to believe the year half over and this is only the fourth fitness update. I’ve been busy!

First, I passed my certification test to be a water fitness instructor. That’s right, instructor. Hard to believe I would ever teach a fitness class yet I’ve already had 2 job offers just through casual conversations. Wow! The instructor for the water aerobics class I went to on Wednesday evening was tired so she had me teach part of the class. 🙂 Next weekend I do the CPR/AED and first aid training for the final requirements of my certification.

Yesterday was the last day of the online university quarter. I will get an A in both classes (general nutrition and global citizenship). I’m going to take summer off and return in October for their fall quarter. As part of my university, I got to create an online portfolio. You can check it out here.

I’ve not done much exercise last month. As a result, I my weight stayed the same. However, I started splitting wood recently. I also went to water aerobics and several walks this week.

I have cleaned up my diet again. We have cut back drastically on eating out along with eating more fruits and vegetables this month. Part of my nutrition class was doing a 3 day journal and analysis of my diet. The results showed that when I eat homemade meals, I have a fairly balanced diet. I was low in calcium though, so I’ve started taking a supplement. You can read the report on my e-folio.

I’ve been strict with No-S Diet eating the past few weeks. That was hard, but worth it. I finally have my apatite under control again. The weather has been pretty hot recently (by Alaskan standards anyway), in the upper 70’s and low 80’s. This has made it easier to cut out fats, and indirectly eating out. Eating fats when it’s hot tends to make me miserable.

The combination of restarting exercising and cleaning up my diet has resulted in my loosing 2 and half pounds this week. I can already feel my arms and legs tightening up. My dresses that were stating to get tight are looser. Hopefully I can keep that going.

My alarm is set for 7am. I get the rest of the family up at 730. The plan was the use that half hour to exercise, but that hasn’t happened. I’m too lazy in the mornings.


2 Responses

  1. So glad to hear you’re doing well! That’s so fun that you’re now teaching a water fitness class! I admire that you’ve been able to keep up your blog. I have been slacking way too much. My desire is to continue it but haven’t been able to. I’ve been struggling with getting under my 200 mark. I’ve been there a couple of times then would gain 10 lbs! I’m trying once again to really push and do what it takes to get under that mark. My trainer believes once I do, the rest will fall off. He thinks it’s a mental block right now…I think he’s right!

  2. So good to hear from you again! I understand about getting so close then gaining again. Right now I’ve gained back all I lost last year 😦 But I haven’t given up and it sounds like you haven’t either. Good job on that. I just found out last night they want me to do an audition class where the class is the other water instructors before i can get hired. Now, I’m nervous. However, they have all been very supportive so I think I’ll be fine.

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