Goodbye space shuttle

Time’s almost up for being able to see a US space shuttle launch. There’s only 2 left, ever. And who knows when or even if something will replace it since Obama canceled the research program that was working on it. Now the Russians and Chinese are the major players in space.

I was told many years ago that man’s window into space exploration was very limited. As soon as oil started to become scarce, it would be over. No one really believed that. No one wanted to believe there would be a time when oil would no longer be cheap. Well, in hindsight, that statement is proving to be prophetic. Oil is now triple what it was in the 1980’s and the manned space program is on it’s way out. There’s only 2 scheduled shuttle launches left before the end of the program.

The next one (STS133) is scheduled for launch in mid-September and we’re going. We got plane tickets to Florida yesterday. I’ve seen the shuttle once piggy-back when I was a child. It was going to Kelly army base in Texas, which is beside Lackland air force base. The flight path took it low over our elementary school. Needless to say everyone ran outside to watch it. They actually circled the school a few times and we all ran around chasing it.

My husband is really into space. He started the International Space Exploration and Colonization Company in 1988 to research food production with a goal toward use in space. We’ve both been to NASA’s facility in Florida, but have never seen a launch.

Time is running out. Now or never is almost upon us. We want our children to be able to see it. So we’re going to Florida. While we’re there we’ll probably do other more traditional tourist activities, but our main reason for going is to see the launch. We’ve given ourselves 2 weeks in case of delayed launch.


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