Karen’s graduation

Last night was Karen’s preschool graduation.  She was a part of the Parents as Teachers program which ends when a child turns five years old. Since we were doing homeschool kindergarten this year, it also was her kindergarten graduation.

They had little blue caps and gowns for the kids to wear. They got to keep the cap. There were banners and a few balloons with Congrats Grads. They were given a certificate, magnetic pen, and write-in book. They also were given yellow t-shirts that had a worm on it saying “Inching my way to College” along with the fact they graduated the PAT program. Very cute, but rather presumptuous.

The graduation was held in a very small gym. It was full of echos and hard to hear what was said. Also, the room was very crowded. They had to bring in several more chairs. I don’t know if more families came than they expected or just poor planning. Hopefully next year they can have it in a better place.

Karen’s name wasn’t listed in the program and they didn’t call us until the afternoon before to notify us about the ceremony. We had a dispute with the director last year on an unrelated matter. Hopefully the omission wasn’t deliberate, but considering she was the only one left off and the late notice (phone call reminder but not an invitation), let’s just say it’s suspicious and disappointing.


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