CLE ordering time again

It’s the fourth Monday in May and that means it is time for the used homeschool swap. There weren’t as many people selling stuff this year. I don’t know if that’s because there are fewer independant homeschool families (you aren’t allowed to resell items purchased using state allotments) or if families are hanging onto stuff for next year. I still managed to find a few used things. We got a magnetic calendar and some books. I found the 5th grade CLE reader for $3. I just hope I don’t misplace it before he needs it.  Karen got a homemade doll and Richard bought a toy car.

The woman who is the representative for Christian Light Education was there. Her husband wasn’t able to make it up this year so they need to head back down this afternoon. No time to come for a visit at our house 😦 Oh well, it was still good to see her and the others in her family who came up. She invited us to visit when when we drive down to go sailing this summer. Hopefully it will work out so we can.

Besides the family with the CLE booth, there were other families we knew there. While I was ordering, the kids were upstairs playing freeze tag. It was nice to have an open area for them to run while us moms did ordering. Everyone had a good time visiting.

I ordered Bible and some social studies for Karen’s first grade. I considered getting the new version of the last 4 workbooks that we haven’t done but decided to use the ones we already have. However, I did buy the new readers for Learning to Read. Richard’s fourth grade order was Bible, language arts, and reading. We each bought a story book as well.

The total was $160. Not bad considering that was for 2 kids. The following year will be more because both kids will need all workbooks. This fall Karen is finishing somethings we already have.


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