Spring car cleaning

My husband went to Seattle for a week this afternoon  😦  However, I decided to take advantage of the extra spare time with the car, that is to say time he isn’t in it, to thoroughly clean it inside. I’m not a neat freak, but after a busy winter maintaining 3 coal boilers, there was coal dust along with just regular dirt and grime everywhere. I try to clean inside the car extra good about 3 times a year, usually late spring, mid-summer, and early fall. Now that breakup is over, it was definately time to get in there and clean, clean, clean.

The kids sorted all the toys and trash in back while I sorted papers and other stuff that had accumulated up front. Then it was time to start wiping. I used half a roll of paper towels and about a third of a bottle Armoral. Finally, swipe the windows with Windex and it’s almost a new inside. What a difference! I just need to get to the super vac at the car wash to finish.

Not only did the car get cleaned, but my husband had one of our maintenance men clean out his truck. There’s now a pile of stuff for him to sort through when he gets back next week. If I have time before he gets back, I’ll surprise him by wiping inside it too.

Unfortunately, even after all the cleaning, the reader I want to use for my daughter still hasn’t shown up. I was almost certain my son left it in one of the vehicles. We found lots of “lost” toys and other books, but not the one I really wanted to find.


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