Fitness challenge update 3

We’re halfway through the fitness challenge. I’m not doing so hot. Too busy to eat right. I know that’s not much of an excuse, more of an explanation. Still, I have been trying to eat healthy choices when eating out. For instance, I had a wonderful chef salad with lots of veggies, thin sliced meat, an egg, and just a tad of Italian dressing instead of a big plate lunch. I had a small sandwich instead of a large one. As a result, my weight has stayed the same. I suppose that’s better than gaining.

For exercise, I did more than last week, but still not a lot. Again, too busy with work. I haven’t done any Turbo Jam, but did manage to still get in 3 exercise sessions.

Sunday: bike ride 30 mins

Wednesday: water aerobics group 1 hr, lap swim 30 mins

Friday: swim lessons 45 mins, lap swim 30 mins

If you’re wondering why I choose this busy time for my fitness challenge, it’s because I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get any exercise at all. I’m tired of not having time to exercise. If I can manage to do some exercise when extra busy, hopefully that will motivate me to do more when things settle down.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe it’s halfway already! My, how time flies. You are absolutely right about fitness being a struggle to fit in especially when one is really busy.

    Well, I had a good start to the week and then my workouts sort of waned towards the end of the week because of my work schedule.

    Here’s what I did:

    Sunday – Burn Circuit 1
    Monday – off
    Tuesday – Burn Circuit 2
    Wednesday – Spinning 40 minutes
    Thursday – Spinning 40 minutes
    Friday – missed workout
    Saturday – missed workout

    My goal was to finish the first phase of ChaLEAN Extreme last week, but it looks like I will have to take an extra week. The good thing is that I stuck to my diet Sunday through Thursday and lost two pounds. Unfortunately I couldn’t maintain good eating habits over the weekend, because I was trying to get ready for a yard sale on Sunday. I find that the older I get I have to be really tight with my diet or else I won’t see the results I want with working out alone. If I don’t eat so well one day and I miss my workout, those 2 lbs. come right back on. My goal for this week is to extend my workout schedule and good eating habits into the weekend. I’ll be done with the Burn Phase on Wednesday and will probably do more cardio and weights before starting the Push Phase next week!

  2. Yasmine,
    Not only is the challenge half over, but the year is almost half over. Where has the time gone? I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to squeeze workouts between a busy schedule. Have you found any pattern of when does and doesn’t work for getting in a workout? I haven’t

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