Sharing the Good News

How does seasonal tire change and poor customer service relate to sharing the Good News? Let me tell you what happened to me today.

Friday is the deadline to have winter studded tires changed over the summer tires here in Alaska. This morning I took my 2 summer tires to Sam’s Club to have them put on as well as 2 more new ones. Usually this takes up to 2 hours if they are very busy.

When I arrived the line was to the door but several people were just price shopping not buying. Finally, my turn came. I told the man what I wanted and he rang up my sale. It wasn’t until after I completed the transaction and asked that I was told the wait time would be at least 6 hours!

I asked for a refund of the install cost. They told me to go to customer service to get that taken care of. In the mean time, I assumed they would pull my tires from the rack so they would be ready when I was finished. No. I again had to wait, and wait, and wait. I was courteous and assumed the clerk knew I’d already been through the line once and paid. No. A new clerk gestered in the direction of the long rows of stacked tires and told me that the ones I needed were down the first aisle then continued to ring up more sales. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to pull tires off a stack taller than I am. That’s the employee’s job.

Finally, another customer told the attendant when he asked for the next customer that he needed to get my tires. The clerk grudgingly got my tires. I told him I could carry them to my car. I just needed someone to get them down for me. However, the clerk sarcastically said the man insisted he (the clerk) get the tires for me so the customer was just going to have to wait longer for them to be taken to my car. Very rude and inconsiderate employee.

He also said they didn’t expect to have such a rush. What did they expect? It’s just 3 days left for tire changeovers, but he didn’t think they’d be busy! Needless to say, I was less than thrilled with their customer service today. Anyway, an hour after I arrived, I had my 2 new tires and was ready to go somewhere else to have them installed.

I got to the other tire shop and was told they had no one waiting so I would be next. Terrific! While I was waiting, 2 men were discussing the Gospel including Romans. I recently got a commentary book about Romans that I’m enjoying. For some reason, I had an undeniable urge to share this book with these men.

I went over and politely mentioned the book. I even brought it with me today so I showed it to them. I was literally shaking, but couldn’t stop myself. I’ve never done this before. They were thrilled, and immediately asked how they could each get a copy! We found paper and I gave them ordering information. Within 5 minutes after that, both men’s cars were ready and they left.

Now I know why I couldn’t get my tires installed at Sam’s Club. I was meant to share this book with these 2 men. God’s ways truly are wonderful. He has a purpose in everything, even if we find it frustrating at the time.

Here’s the contact information in case you too want a verse by verse commentary on Romans.

To the Romans by Dr J. Otis Yoder

Available from

Heralds of Hope, Inc

PO Box 3

Breezewood, PA 15533-0003 USA


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