Drugs or God

Yahoo had an interesting article today about researchers giving cancer patients psychedelic drugs. Basically getting them high to relieve end of life anxiety.

The story focused on a woman dying of ovarian cancer.

Edlich, whose cancer forced her to retire from teaching French at a private school, had plenty of reason to seek help through the NYU project. Several recurrences of her ovarian cancer had provoked fears about suffering and dying and how her death would affect her family. She felt “profound sadness that my life was going to be cut short.” And she faced existential questions: Why live? What does it all mean? How can I go on?

“These things were in my head and I wanted them to take a back seat to living in the moment,” she said. So when she heard NYU researchers speak about the project at her cancer support group, she was interested.

Sounds like she needs a pastor not a drug. She has valid concerns. What is society coming to when we choose to drug ourselves instead of considering God even at the end of life? The drug won’t take away the true underlying cause of her anxiety, the need for God.

The therapy seeks to help patients live fuller, richer lives with the time they have left.

All three people in the study so far felt better, with less general anxiety and fear of death, and greater acceptance of the dying process, Ross said. No major side effects have appeared. The project plans to enroll a total of 32 people.

We will all eventually face these same anxieties unless we know Jesus. Some people don’t even get a second chance to make that choice if die tragically in accidents. Now is the time to decide, for we don’t know the number of our days.


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