Fitness challenge update 2

I haven’t forgotten about the challenge. I just was very busy the last couple weeks so this is the first time I’ve been able to write another update. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Last week I only managed to get in 2 regular workouts and a walk with my kids, so I guess that counts as the third. So my exercise for that week was Sunday Turbo Jam, Wednesday water aerobics group, and Friday family walk.

This week I’ve done a lot of raking. Not your typical raking up cut grass or fall leaves. No, this yard hasn’t been raked in over 3 years. The leaves were on top of and mixed in with overgrown grass and trash. I have spent 12 hours so far raking and am only a quarter or a third finished. My upper arms, chest, and back are very sore. I have a swim lesson in the morning. Hopefully that will help work out the soreness.

My weight is 164 (down 3 pounds from the start). Here’s my measurements after 3 weeks:

waist 34.5  +half inch

chest 38.5  -half inch

hips 41.5    -half inch

Right thigh 24  +half inch

Left thigh   25.75  +inch 1/2

Since the changes were so minimal, I think they might have been measured in slightly different spots, especially my legs. It will be interesting to see how much difference next week all this raking has made.

Now you know how I did. How are you doing?


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Last week I had amazing results losing 2 lbs and .5 inches in my waist. I worked out 5 days and had a lot of energy despite a lot of stress at work. Unfortunately this week wasn’t as great. My husband and kids are away on spring break, and I’ve been busy trying to get the house ready for them to come back. My mother-in-law will be coming back with them. So no workouts this week, which is really bad for me. I’m going to get back on track on Monday if not before then to complete the last week of the Burn Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m hoping for better results next week. Good luck with your workouts!


  2. Yasmine,
    Wow, 2 pounds loss is terrific! I have a nutrition test due this weekend, so I’ll be busy studying. After that I can get back to exercising. Right now though it’s my diet that is bad. Too much eating out since I forget to pack a lunch and the kids get hungry. If I were alone and forgot to bring lunch, I’d probably just skip it, but the kids can’t do that.

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