Next year’s science

Today and tomorrow are the homeschool convention and vendor fair. I was in the market for science, Spanish, and writing. While my son was understanding the science theory from the books we have this year, I didn’t do many activities to reinforce and apply the concepts. Also, my daughter wasn’t getting much out of it. I wanted something they could both do.

Well, I think I already solved the science. I found Exploration Education (EE). I had a hard time keeping him away from their booth. He kept wandering over there while I was talking to other vendors.

It has 3 levels. Actually the third level includes all of the second and just adds on extra lessons for each unit. Anyway, the levels cover the same topics so both my kids could learn about similar concepts at the same time. There are 4 units. The first activity in each unit is a project. This project will then be used for all the other activities in that unit. They are pretty basic but seem to show very well the concepts.

First they each watch a cd about the lesson. There is graphics and animation to help show the concepts. Then they do the project or experiment. Finally they do an activity/write up about the project. The second and third levels also have assessments. The first level has narration of the reading (which can be turned off for older kids in the level) so I don’t have to read everything to her. She can be listening while I’m helping her brother with his project.

Both kids would be doing separate activities, but about similar topics at the same time. I really liked this aspect of their programs. I wouldn’t need to keep up with totally separate science topics. Also, it didn’t look like a lot of parent prep for the lessons.

It’s not very expensive. The advanced level is $140. The beginner level is $60. This includes the CD, project kit, workbook, plus teacher manual. For $200, I can have science for both my kids next year. I talked to my husband and showed him the brochure. He thinks it’s a good idea too.

They are a new vendor so aren’t approved by my district yet. It is one of the companies they hope to be adding. I told my supervising teacher that we would be very interested in using this company. She will mention that to the school board when they consider this company. I should know by June if they are approved, but I didn’t see any reason they wouldn’t be.

I also found a good geology program we may use the following year.


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