Challenge week 1 update

It’s still not too late to join my Spring into Fitness 60 Day Challenge. Right now Yasmine and I are the only ones. I’d love to have more of you join us!

My husband was out of town this week so I was running everything myself, plus having the kids all the time. It was a pretty hectic week, especially later. This was also the first week of my online classes. I tried to exercise, but didn’t manage to do so every day. I still managed to get in my three days though. Hopefully after my husband gets back, I can have more exercise time again. I just need to remember to take advantage of that time. My laziness habit is threatening to return.

I lost half a pound, but we ate out so I gained it back today 😦 I’m not going to stress over it because I’ve had enough of that all week. If I add stressing over my weight, I’ll go crazy which wouldn’t help anything. Plus, half a pound change could be caused by almost anything. I haven’t been drinking enough which could have something to do with my weight not changing much. I’ll be working on that this comming week. I didn’t take any measurements so don’t know if they changed.

Sunday: Cardo Party Remix, Turbo Sculpt

Tuesday: Cardio Party 2

Wednesday: water aerobics group 1 hr

Yasmine: I m0ved your stats for the week to this post so it will be together. Sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner.


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  1. t’s the first week, and I lost .5 inches on my waist and chest. Everything else stayed the same. That darn scale! 🙂 I’m hoping to break through my plateau next week. My goals for this week are to eat clean and get back to my ChaLEAN Extreme routine and hopefully a loss of 2 lbs. I had dropped CE for a couple of days due to a sore back, but this is what I did this week.

    Monday – Burn Circuit 3
    Tuesday – spinning 40 min.
    Wednesday – Cardio Circuit (15 mins. each elliptical, stairmaster, spin bike)
    Thursday – Spinning 40 min.
    Friday – Elliptical trainer 45 min.

    How did you do?

    See you next week!

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