Let the challenge begin!

Yesterday was the first day of my 60 fitness challenge: Spring into Fitness.

Sadly, as of today, I’m the only one signed up. Come on, post your beginning stats here and get busy. You have nothing to lose but weight or size and a healthy lifestyle to gain. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, we could all get into better shape and condition. Do you want more endurance or strength? Well, join in! I’d love to have you. Loosing weight isn’t the focus. Getting fit is. Weight is just one indicator of fitness.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I heard on the radio awhile back that while most people will acknowledge that exercise is a habit, most people (myself included) haven’t considered that not exercising is also a habit. A habit is simply a repeated pattern of behavior. You have the habit of doing something else instead of exercise. Laziness is therefore a habit.

The key is consistency. You can’t just exercise once or twice at random for a couple of weeks. You must make a specific, planned effort, especially at first. It gets easier. Before my car accident, I had started an exercise habit. At first it was hard. I was still stuck in my laziness habit. However, the more days I exercised, the more I wanted to exercise. I actually was starting to miss exercising on the days I didn’t work out. Plus, I was starting to see results which helped reinforce my new exercise habit.

Now that I started exercising again, that feeling has returned. Each time takes less effort to get out my workout gear. I sometimes feel guilty if I don’t exercise. I’ve even had a craving to do it. Weird huh?

Why don’t you join me? It’s just 60 days. That’s enough to turn a laziness habit into an exercise habit and get you on your way to better fitness. No time? All I ask is half an hour 3 times a week. You can do more, that is only the minimum. I don’t even care what you do those half hours, just get moving.

In only 3 weeks, you too can change the laziness habit into an exercise habit. Then you can use the other 39 days of the challenge to work on your intensity if you want. For those of you who already exercise, this challenge is a great way to concrete an exercise habit to keep it from returning to a laziness habit.

My challenge rules are simple. Review them here if you missed them. Post your beginning stats on this post (since no one has on the rules page as previously requested). I’ll check back in a week and we can share how we did. Let me start things off:

Height: 5ft nothing, Weight: 167 (should be 110-125)

rt arm: 13, left arm: 13

rt thigh: 23.5, left thigh: 23.5

waist: 34, hips: 42, chest: 39

Let the challenge begin! I’m off to push play on a Turbo Jam exercise video (Cardio Party 3).


5 Responses

  1. I’m in! Here are my stats:
    Weight: 137.6 lbs. Goal: 118-125 lbs.
    Hips: 36.5 in.
    Chest: 35 in.
    Rt. arm: 11 in., left arm: 11in.
    rt. thigh: 20 in., left thigh: 20 in.

    No fad diets for me! I’m going to start every day with my Shakeology shake and eat clean for the rest of the day. My 21 habit breaking goal is to completely eliminate refined sugar. I have an event to attend in four weeks and I want to be close to my goal by then. I often tell myself “Oh, I can eat just one.” Well, that one ends up being three, so I need to not even start to begin with. Thanks for doing this. It’s always nice to be accountable to someone. Good luck this week. I’ll post my workouts at the end of the week.


  2. Yasmine,
    Yeah! Welcome. Refined sugar is a big problem for a lot of people. I agree with just one turning into three or more. That’s why I like the No-S Diet Eating plan. You eat sweets only on weekends. That way you don’t feel deprived and have something to look forward to.

    I’m excited someone else has joined in and can’t wait to see how we are in 2 months. My weekly check in post will be Thursday or Fridays so you can reply there with your workouts and stats. I’m also putting my workouts into WOWY if you want to see what I’m up to (my BB team name is AlaskanFrankie).

  3. Sounds great! I will be posting my workouts in WOWY too. I’ll check back in on Fridays with my stats. Good luck this week.

  4. It’s the first week, and I lost .5 inches on my waist and chest. Everything else stayed the same. That darn scale! 🙂 I’m hoping to break through my plateau next week. My goals for this week are to eat clean and get back to my ChaLEAN Extreme routine and hopefully a loss of 2 lbs. I had dropped CE for a couple of days due to a sore back, but this is what I did this week.

    Monday – Burn Circuit 3
    Tuesday – spinning 40 min.
    Wednesday – Cardio Circuit (15 mins. each elliptical, stairmaster, spin bike)
    Thursday – Spinning 40 min.
    Friday – Elliptical trainer 45 min.

    How did you do?

    See you next week!

  5. Yasmine,
    Sounds like you had a great week! Sorry to hear your back was sore. My knee was sore after Turbo Sculpt for some reason so I took it easy the next day. I copied your comment onto my post about this week. Sorry I didn’t get it up sooner.

    Have a great second week!

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