Fitness update 2010 #6; a challenge anyone?

This weekend is the beginning of spring. Soon it will be summer and no more hiding in a parka.

Has it really been a month since my last fitness update? I guess it has since the last one was when I had the car accident. Lots has happened since then. Some good and some not, but getting better.

Let me start with the bad. I’ve gained weight and size back to where I was the month before the accident. Not surprising though since I wasn’t watching what I ate or exercising. I was just trying to get over the soreness and shock.

Now for the good. I’m doing much better now. Just a little twinge every so often if I overdo it. I’m back to doing Turbo Jam and am loosing the gained size. We fixed our refrigerator so can have fresh stuff again. The last of the Girl Scout cookies are gone (both from the pantry and stores). I’m back with No S Diet eating.

One unusual thing I noticed recently is that I can feel my fat on top of my muscles as I move. I don’t mean I’m poking myself, but inside under my skin. It’s rolly-polly and weird. Why I notice it now and never before I don’t know. I just know I don’t like it. Another good reason to keep exercising and eating good. It’s gross and I want it gone!

Summer’s on its way. It’s only 3 months away. However, with the weather warming up, we’ll all be shedding the parkas and bulky sweaters before that for short sleeves. Will you be ready?

I’m considering having a 60 day get ready for summer challenge. Since it’s better to have support for weight loss and getting into shape, let’s see how many inches we can loose together. If anyone is interested, please leave me a comment so I know if I should get some specific guidelines and rules together. Don’t worry, it won’t be that complicated (otherwise even I wouldn’t do it). The only rule I can think of for sure tonight is No Fad Diets. It would probably start April 1.


10 Responses

  1. such a great idea!!

  2. Congratulations on your efforts. I loved doing Turbo Jam and will start ChaLEAN Extreme as soon as it comes in the mail. It’s a 60 day extreme program. I can’t wait to see the results. I’m a new Beachbody Coach and would love to support you in your weight loss goals. Feel free to check out my website at

    Good luck!

  3. Although I’m supporting a friend in her weight-loss, I really don’t need to lose anything. I dropped a couple of inches off my waist last month, and may have a little more evaporate now that I can walk outside and garden. (Chasing the little one at the park works, too.)

    You didn’t gain back much fat in your recovery. Even with girl scout cookies. Most of that may be fluid gain with increasing your sugar intake and not sweating as much. Make some parsley tea before you head to the gym, and see how much you lose. Parsley is a safe diuretic.

  4. Yasmine,
    Thanks but I already have a BB coach. I hope to do CE after this 60 day challenge. I want to make sure I will stick to a program before I buy another one. Also, I don’t want to push too hard so soon after my injury. Feel free to join my challenge though. I’d love to see how your transformation goes.

  5. Magdelena,
    Strangely, the best way to get rid of excess liquid is actually to increase your water intake. This helps flush the junk that’s causing the body to retain fluid. I know this doesn’t make logical sense, but it is the best. Plus more water is better anyway since most people don’t get enough each day. I think that may be partly why we have an obesity problem. Aside from overeating, not drinking enough water is among the largest diet problems in this country (and probably Canada as well since the diets are similar).

  6. Anna,
    Does this mean you’ll join me? I hope so!

  7. I just got CE in the mail today and will keep you posted!

    Best wishes,

  8. Great! I’m thinking of the rules for the 60 challenge and will post them soon.

  9. Yasmine,
    I forgot to tell you I looked at your BB profile and am sending you a buddy request (alaskanfrankie is me).

  10. Awesome! I’m going to update my blog and let you know about my progress with ChaLEAN Extreme.


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