Saved on textbooks

I just ordered my textbooks. I didn’t order them from the university bookstore. I looked up the books ISBN and name for each of my classes. The university bookstore website is nice and after you select the books and classes they list everything all on one screen. Then I searched other book dealers for prices.

Turns out the best deal was from I got all 3 things I needed plus shipping for just a couple more dollars than just one of the books would have been not including shipping from the university. It took me a little time online but was worth it. I saved almost $100!

Also, I completed my online orientation “class”. I missed 2 on the final quiz. One was a stupid mistake. After I submitted it, I had an Ugh moment when I realized I was wrong. The other was just wrong. Oh well.

I’m at my office so if I haven’t checked your blogs lately, I’m sorry. My husband took the laptop to his class in Anchorage this week. I’ll check in with everyone and post updates after he gets back and I have more time online. Until then, I’m still exercising and eating good. The kids are taking a spring break and helping me with spring cleaning the house.


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