Great rice, sausage soup

I just made a great basic soup with sausage and rice. It’s very easy and inexpensive. Plus, it made a lot. I wound up splitting it into 2 large pots and adding more water after it was done since it was a bit thicker than we wanted but the pot was full. I will freeze the extra. If you don’t want extra, feel free to half the recipe. Use any spices you like. I added a little pepper and sage.

3 cups uncooked rice

1 polish sausage U (or any rope sausage)

at least 8 cups water

1/2 large onion

1 can Italian style stewed tomatoes

Put rice and water in pot on high. While it starts to heat, cut sausage lengthwise then into rounds and chop onion. Add to rice. Turn fire down to low and cover. Cook covered about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. You should check it after 25 minutes to see if it needs more water. Remove lid and cook another 15 minutes.

If it is thick, add water until it’s the consistency you like. My family prefers hearty, thicker soups. If you have unexpected company, this soup is great since it can be stretched just by adding more water to thin it. Since it is rice based, it will thicken over time so you will likely have to add more water to any leftovers.


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