Fast for hunger

Today’s radio news had a segment about some teens who did a fast for hunger. They went 30 hours without food to try to understand what hunger and famine are like. After the segment, my husband turned to me and said we should do that.

I think it’s a great idea too. Often in this country we say we are hungry or starving, just by going an extra hour between meals. We have no idea what real hunger is. Food is plentiful and relatively cheap. The big difference between a timed fast and real hunger is that you know when you will eat again after a fast. During a famine or true poverty, people don’t know when they will eat again.

I would like to do a fast for hunger. Only instead of just fasting and praying, I would urge people to donate the amount of food they would have normally consumed during this time to a food bank or the cost to an international food aid. This would be 4 or 5 meals per person. If you have a group doing it, perhaps consider donating to the Heifer Project. This project buys farm animals for poor families to help them be self sufficient.

While there are many details to be worked out if we do this, I think it should be done. I’d like to get a group together and do this as a community service project. While there are many canned food drives, this one would add a new dimension to make it more personal for participants, giving a glimpse into the other side.


2 Responses

  1. There are many different approaches to the 30 Hour Famine. One I’ve seen includes living in a box/tent city to simulate being homeless & in the process collecting food/money for the homeless.

  2. Dee,
    Some college students spent a semester doing that up here at UAF. However, they had good outdoor wear so it wasn’t really a good simulation. More like a camp out with a few self-imposed restrictions.

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