Starting a Health Fitness Specialist degree

As I stated in another post, I’ve been approved for beginning an Associates in Applied Science (AAS) degree program in Health Fitness Specialist. Everything just about is complete for my entrance. My ACT scores were finally received, and I scored well enough that I can get out of 4 foundation classes usually required. 🙂 Speaking of classes, I still haven’t heard which of the UAF classes were able to transfer to the other university on my transcript. I’m hoping a lot of them transfer so I don’t have to take any general classes, but can get right down to the degree specific courses.

I have to do an interview for financial aid (required even if paying your own way) then I can register for classes. I was supposed to have done the interview this week, but with only one vehicle since the accident, we were extra busy and I wasn’t home during the times available. Hopefully this can be done on Monday. Then I can register for classes and arrange book shipments. I’m excited to start classes in early April.

Why a degree as a Health Fitness Specialist? I’m definitely not your typical health nut, nor do I necessarily consider myself one. I’m 35, not athletic by any means, and overweight. However, I do see the value in being fit and want to help others learn that you don’t have to be athletic to be fit. Nor is being fit just being skinny. Being fit is a lifestyle and as such, full of choices. I want to help others make healthy choices. This degree will give me more knowledge to do that.

I want others to know that you can change your life from unhealthy to fit. I’m doing it. It’s not always easy, but worth the effort. Not someone who hasn’t been there saying what a health book says weight loss should be. Nor someone drastically overweight telling how to get thin. I’ve gotten advice from both these types. Neither of them were especially helpful, even though they were both informational. Instead, it added to my frustration because I felt they didn’t understand where I was coming from. I want the book learning to go along with my personal insights so I can help with a range of fitness problems whether it be loosing weight, toning trouble spots, or injury rehab.

For this degree, classes include human anatomy, movement, nutrition, fitness evaluations, and how the body responds to exercise. There’s also some business classes. It’s more detailed than what most fitness instructors and personal trainers have and I’d be able to pass those exams. This is a 2 year degree with the option to continue into a bachelor’s degree which has more specialized training courses.

I’m taking most of this for my own knowledge rather than wanting a specific job. However, I would be able to work in almost any health setting including gyms and health clubs, physical rehab centers, schools, and even corporate settings. It’s definitely a portable degree. That’s good since I could likely get short term or part time positions while traveling if I ever wanted to. I want to help people as a wellness coach and fitness instructor to get over the blocks keeping them from being fit. I’ve already been approached for a potential fitness instructor position.


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  1. Congratulations to you on making that decision, that is so exciting for you. I actually have my Bachelors in Exercise Physiology that I received 15 years ago and couldn’t do anything with it. Now I am actually using some of my “old” knowledge. I know you said that being a Beachbody Coach was probably not for you due to the fees vs discount. I wanted to say that after reading this post. Being a coach may be exactly for you! This might be a great opportunity for you while you are pursuing your education in the same health and fitness field. I am posting this here because I don’t have your email address, so feel free to not post the comment if you dont want to. But I wanted to share this video with you that might change your mind about coaching.

    If it is for you, then great! If not I will drop it. I promise. I wish you the best.

  2. Anna,
    🙂 You’re actually about the fifth person to suggest my being a BB coach. All I can say is now is not the time. I did consider it, but we already run 4 business. My husband is working on his MBA and I’m going back to school. Thanks though. Perhaps sometime in the future when I can devote the proper time for it.

  3. Great site. Gives me inspiration for my fitness goals this year.

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