Fitness update 2010 #5

They fit NOW! Being a conservative Christian woman, I don’t wear jeans. Instead of having “skinny jeans” to try to fit into, I have skinny dresses.

A few weeks ago, I ordered 3 smaller dresses in the hope that I’d be able to wear them by this summer. The dresses I buy aren’t sized with regular numbers or SML, but instead are by chest and waist size (you get a more customized fit this way too). I ordered these smaller in the waist (40B, 36W). They arrived yesterday. I tried them on this morning and they fit! One is a little tight, but it zipped. Even though two are elastic waist, the elastic is loose. It’s great to have a real waist that’s smaller than my chest again! Hopefully, the next time I order dresses, I’ll be able to get them smaller chested as well.

Unfortunately, I gained back 2 pounds this week. Not surprising though because I haven’t done much exercising and ate poorly since the accident. I’m starting to feel better so may do a bit of light exercise later. The insurance company has let me rent a car therefore I can get to the gym again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do Turbo Jam with all it’s twisting and kicking, but I can do slow swimming. That’s better than nothing. I haven’t needed as many pain pills the past few days which is a good sign.

The weather has been really warm. It’s in the low 40’s today. While that may feel good, our refrigerator is not working. We do have a small freezer to keep the frozen things. We can’t set stuff outside to keep cool with the warm temperatures. This makes keeping fresh stuff very difficult. I’m not sure what we’re going to do about that. In the mean time between lack of proper refrigeration, stress, and pain from the car accident our diet has been pretty sorry.

My plan for this next week is build up my strength again. I don’t want to overdo it though so I’m going to go pretty slow. Hopefully we can fix the fridge, but if not then we can eat healthier frozen and canned choices or go to the stove every few days. It’s just a matter of coping, which I’m not very good at.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been without refrigeration may times. Put a block of ice in the bottom of your refrgierator – take the drawers out and rest the block in a roasting pan that fits. I used to use the srping for refrigeration, but that’s not an option for you Still you can keep things cool in a bucket of cold water if you change the water when it starts to warm up. Cover it with an old blanket.

  2. That’s what we were doing until the weather warmed up and we could no longer make ice. We used 2L soda bottles and put them in a few different spots to cool more evenly.

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