Car crash

I was in a car crash this morning. I was driving on the highway when an oncoming car turned left across the intersection in front of me. I saw him, but assumed since I had a steady green light that he would yield before turning left. Instead he turned in front of me and I hit the passenger side with my front end going about 35 mph.

The impact spun my car until it was facing the opposite direction and pushed him into the front of a car stopped at the light. My shoulder is sore so an ambulance came. They gave me a sling. There were plenty of witnesses who all agreed it was not my fault, but the fault of the other driver not yielding. The police didn’t even want my statement after I got out of the ambulance. I may go to the hospital tomorrow morning if it’s still so sore.

Both doors of his passenger side are smashed. The glass is totally shattered. It flew up over my windshield. That looked like loose snow. My car had very slight looking damage to the front end. It pushed the bumper back toward the wheels so had to be towed, but isn’t rumpled or dented. The third car front is dented in the driver corner.

The insurance company has been notified. Now I get to deal with his insurance company since he was at fault. Luckily he was insured. They are calling in a day or so and then we will decide what to do.

Both kids were with me in the back seat and are unhurt. Needless to say, we didn’t make it to their swim lesson today. Instead they got to tour public safety vehicles (fire truck, ambulance, and 2 police cars). Since I had no way to get in touch with my husband (we don’t have cell phones) the police brought us home in one of the cruisers. Oh, as the police car was pulling away onto the highway, he had the toplights on and another car didn’t yield to him! I think he would have given them a ticket if he didn’t have us with him. He even commented about “blue lights mean yield” as the car drove by.


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  1. Praise the Lord that you all escaped relatively unharmed!

  2. Martine,
    Yes, He was watching over us yesterday for sure.

  3. Glad you are okay.

  4. Dee,
    I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon because I had pain in my side. After much painful poking, prodding and tests, my pain is just soreness. Nothing important is broken or damaged. I have some prescription pain meds and am taking it easy. My husband bought me flowers 🙂

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