Great TJ workout pair

Whew! I just finished a great hour of Turbo Jam. My 7 new Turbo Jam videos (the Fat Burning Elite package) have been torturing me on the kitchen counter for several days. Tonight I decided to get busy. One is a 50 minute workout. Another is 45 minutes. The others are half an hour. I decided to start with one of the half hour.

Turbo Jam Live: Booty Sculpt + Abs was my first workout this evening. I didn’t really know what to expect from the description on the box. It was fun and a bit silly. You shake your butt and more silly things frequently while doing other exercises like arms and even squats which keeps it from getting dull like a lot of targeted videos often are. I haven’t used a flat rubber band since high school and let me tell you, my legs were burning by the end of that section. This video is a condensed version of Turbo Sculpt focusing on abs, butt and thighs with a little arm work thrown in too. My abs, butt, and thighs will probably remind me of this workout tomorrow. That’s a good thing though because my thighs are my new trouble spot since my upper arms are now toned from using Turbo Jam. The half hour felt like only 10 minutes. It was intense but doable and fun. I used 5 pound weights and should have used more, but can’t find my 10’s. I’d really like some 7.5’s.

Following that, I did another half hour Live workout, Cardio Party Remix. This is an intense Cardio Party. It’s only half an hour, but WOW! It really gets your heart pumping even before the double Turbo. That’s right, two Turbos, and they’re back to back. I’m glad I did this after the Booty Sculpt because I don’t think I would have energy left if I did this first. There were a few new moves, but they were easy to catch on. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for beginners to Turbo Jam. It’s pretty fast paced throughout.

Together these two videos made for a great, hour long workout. I needed it since we went to a brunch buffet to celebrate my birthday. If I did just these two, I think I’d see great results fairly quick. They compliment each other nicely with the strength training on Booty Sculpt and intense cardio of Remix. Since they are each only half an hour, they are easier to fit in than the full 45 minute TJ workouts, yet more intense than the 20 minute. I can do one in the morning and the other in the evening. I think I’ll do that this week then try some of the others next week.

Oh, a cute side note. My daughter is learning to read. She’s 5 and doing homeschool kindergarten. When I laid out the new videos on the floor to decide which I was going to do, she came over and looked at them a minute then said “Beach Body”. I didn’t prompt her. I asked her to point where it said that and she did! Who knew Beach Body promotes literacy too 😆


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  2. While there are many programs out there that claim to help shed unwanted inches from trouble spots, if you have a lot of fat, spot toning is impossible. You’ve got to reduce everywhere. Your body can’t just choose to take fat from a certain spot (butt, thighs, abs, arms, etc). However, if you are reasonably slim, you can tone certain muscles to have a firm butt. Leg lifts, squats, lunges, and plies are good. BeachBody has a DVD program designed to help you do this called Brazillian Butt Lift.

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