2010 fitness update #3

There here! My new Turbo Jam videos arrived yesterday and have been torturing me in the box on the kitchen counter until tonight. Now I just need to decide which one to do first. I also need to clear more space on the shelf.

I am still at the same weight. Not surprising since I haven’t really been doing much exercise this week. I smashed a hammer into my shin last Thursday while helping to remodel a house. Ouch. It’s almost well now but still a little tender so I think I’ll do one of the shorter (30 minute) Turbo Jams tonight. That limits it down to half of them.

Ugh! A furnace just went down. I need to deal with that rather than exercise tonight. 😦

I did manage to go to water aerobics last night. The class is also on Monday evenings but I don’t go because that’s our busiest day for apartments. You’d think people would want to see them on the weekend, but no. Monday and Tuesday are the busiest days. They were having a raffle and I won. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there so she drew another name. Oh well.

I’m going to be going back to school this spring. I’ve been accepted for a degree AA in Health and Fitness Specialist. There’s lots of courses in anatomy, kinesthetics (human movement), how the body reacts to exercise in different situations and ages, and even a few business classes. When looking at the course list and considering an online course or two, most of them were interesting so I decided I might as well get a degree. I’m pretty excited about this. If I want to after finishing the AA, I can continue and get a BS. I’m not doing this to get a job. It just sounds so interesting.

The kids started swim lessons this week and are doing great. Karen’s beginner class is first then Richard’s intermediate. They are 45 minutes each. I don’t swim laps because there isn’t enough time after she starts before he has to get ready. Then I help her shower and get dressed. After that, there’s only about 15-20 minutes left in his class. It’s fun watching the kids and I help a little with them at the diving board.


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