More Turbo Jam Ordered

I decided what to spend some of the money my mother in law gave me for Christmas. I’m getting more Turbo Jam videos. The package I already have is the Maximum Results which includes 6 workouts: Learn & Burn, 20 Minute, Turbo Sculpt, Ab Jam, Cardio Party, and Punch Kick & Jam. I ordered the Fat Burning Elite package with 5 workouts (2 more Cardio Party, 3T, Lower Body Jam, and Fat Blaster) plus I added Turbo Jam Live which has 2 more workouts. If you order the Live by itself it’s $25 plus $6 shipping. If you add it to the package its $27 including shipping so I saved a few dollars and was planning to get them anyway.

Beach Body also tried to get me to “free sample” vitamins and a subscription to a diet program which I didn’t do. I have vitamins and eat pretty good already (at least I do when I pay attention what I’m eating). If you read the fine print, these aren’t really free. You pay shipping then in a month unless you cancel, they send you more and charge your credit card a bit hit (almost $30 for the vitamins alone). They also had the option for $7 to warranty the videos. If they break or wear out, Beach Body will replace them. Sounds interesting but not for me. I don’t buy warranties on major appliances, why would I videos?

I had them shipped to my PO box. Last time I ordered and tried to have it go to my house, it went to the PO box somehow anyway due to the way shipping companies handle Alaska. Then it really was delayed, so compared to that, the regular delay for direct to the post office is preferable. No wonder shipping is often much higher to Alaska. First one company gets it to Alaska or even Seattle, then the post office takes over so in reality you’re paying shipping twice.

I can’t wait to try them out. I’m enjoying the Turbo Jams I have, and am seeing results. Still, more would be better because I know at some point I will hit a plateau. Plus, variety is the spice of life. If I have more to choose from, I’m less likely to skip a day’s workout.

UPDATE 1/28/10

Just got an e-mail from Beach Body saying my order shipped today. It should be here by Wednesday. If it is, they have significantly improved their order processing and shipping times. That’s great!


3 Responses

  1. Curious. did you purchase Turbo Jam through a Coach? or through Beachbody? If you purchase through a coach, you may be able to control a few things and your coach can make sure you get the package shipped to you correctly. Also, Shipping through Beachbody themselves tends to be more expensive then through a coach. I know that for P90x they charge $20 for shipping where as if you were to purchase through a coach it will only cost you $7, and you get a free coach. Since you are a huge fan of TurboJam, you may want to consider being a coach yourself. You are already motivating others, you may want to consider enjoying the 25% discount that is offered.
    Anyways, I look forward to hearing more of your progress!!

  2. guess Im a little late on my reply and stumbled upon this post (just realized the date) sorry.

  3. Anna,
    No big deal about this being an older post. I still read and reply to new comments. I purchased direct from BeachBody and didn’t have any problems this time. They have improved their shipping so I got it the next week. I don’t purchase enough to be worth being a coach compared to the monthly charges.

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