12 cups of rice!

Can we say oops? I accidentally made 12 cups of rice tonight instead of 3. I was making vegetarian stuffed peppers (green peppers stuffed with rice mixed with spaghetti sauce, sauted mushrooms and onion). The kids were playing in the kitchen making lots of noise and I got distracted.

It was supposed to be 6 cups water and 3 cups rice in the medium pot. First I didn’t have enough rice. Then too much so I added more water but miscounted so I added more rice. Transfer now to bigger pot. Then my husband realized I (again) miscalculated so had to add still more water. In the end, I wound up with my biggest pot full to the brim with rice, 12 cups to be exact.

My husband has been wanting me to make bigger pots of rice, but this was too much. Needless to say, we’re going to have rice this week. Tonight was stuffed peppers. There’s still rice in sauce left over from that  so we’ll have it tomorrow for lunch with shredded cheese and sour cream as usual. For dinner, I’ll get some tofu for stir fried rice. Then what? I’m open for suggestions, preferable vegetarian and simple.


4 Responses

  1. You have probably managed to eat the rice mountain by now, but, here are a couple of things I like to make with rice. These are not vegetarian.

    Jumbalaya – so warming on a cold day.

    Left over rice is nice warmed up with a can of pineaple chunks and some bits of ham, I add a little mixture to it made up of cornstarch, sherry, soy sauce, ginger, dry mustard.

    Rice Pudding – a great comfort food.

    Chicken and rice soup.

  2. Bean,
    Those sound good. After the egg fried rice last night, there’s still about a third left. Was thinking of plain rice and salmon tonight. Despite eating rice at 2 meals the past few days, I’ve lost weight so far this week! Check tomorrow’s fitness update for more details.

  3. You can freeze rice. Just put it in serving size portions, freeze, add to soups or resteam or microwave.

  4. I never thought about freezing rice – good tip. As lately I am into freezing everything!!

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