Swimming improvements

It’s been almost 2 years since the kids had swim lessons. We were unable to go last spring because we went on the cruise instead. Last week I signed them up for lessons next month. Richard has advanced by independent practice so he’s at level 2. Karen is somewhere between the first and second pre-school levels so I wrote both with a question mark and see what they do with that. This year we’re doing 2 days/week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) instead of just Saturdays. We find out the exact times and classes next Friday.

Today we took the kids swimming. Karen took her usual longish time getting used to the water. Richard jumped right in and took off. After swimming some and practicing jumping in, he wanted to do the water slide. My husband told him if he swam the length of the pool and back once he could do the slide. A little while later he came over to me and asked if I could swim a lap with him. I wasn’t really sure he could do it, but went with him to the lap lane. He did it!

So then he was so excited. He went down the water slide lots of times, taking turns with a couple other kids (and me). Then he did the diving board a couple times before deciding he liked the slide better. Back to the slide a few times again before it was time to leave.

Karen made lots of improvement today too. She spent her time first pushing the floating barbell around. She then had me help her swim on her back. After some practice, she got so she could do that by herself and on her front a little too. She also practiced jumping in without holding a hand. This was scary for her, but she did it. That was the big thing that she refused to do last time she had lessons.

Now both kids are excited about swimming again. If they get their school work done on time during the week, we will take them on Sundays. This gives them incentive to study. Also, they have extra chores but with that their allowance is going up. Richard wants to spend his on goggles.


2 Responses

  1. Not only are you benefiting from the excercise – making strong muscles – you are strengthening your family bond 🙂 The other benefit is that your children are excercising while having so much fun!

  2. Bean,
    Very true. After Richard was going down the slide, Karen stayed with my husband in the shallow end. She had him take off her floats so she could try swimming without them. We think seeing her brother on the slide will motivate her to try harder so she can do it too.

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