Fitness update 2010 #2

Ugh, back up to 166 after my workout this morning. Usually that workout will make my weight go down so I don’t want to know what it was before.

Oh, and speaking of my workout, today I used the weighted gloves. She calls them weighted hand gloves, as if you’d wear gloves on your feet or elbows or something. Anyway, I’ve done this workout before without them and it was good, but not overly hard. Add the gloves and it becomes something more. I’m suddenly a beginner, fatigued, and uncoordinated. However, I didn’t quit or take off the gloves. Muscle confusion is a good thing and helps prevent the dreaded plateau from doing the same thing the same way all the time.

The gloves themselves were a problem. They don’t fit very well and kept trying to slide around. Plus they don’t flex when I bend my wrist. Nor do they breathe so the back of my hands were sticky where the sand pack was. I may try to look around for a different style that fits better because I defiantly can see them helping this workout. It was much more intense. My upper arms and shoulders especially, but also my legs and butt (those may be from last night’s workout) are sore.

I wasn’t planning to workout this morning. I did laundry and the only things left to wear were my workout clothes. Since I was all suited up, my family encouraged me to workout. So I did. I’m glad I did because now I don’t have to try to fit it in later. There’s a lesson in that somewhere I think.

Our 9th wedding anniversary was Monday. We went to a movie and fancy steak dinner complete with appetizer and dessert. I want to blame my weight on that, but really I was pretty lazy this past week. I hadn’t done any exercise from last Wednesday until yesterday. Not good. You’ve got to move it to lose it.

My plan this week is get back to working out regularly. I found an old personal trainer recommendation sheet which says I should be working out 5-6 times/week for at least 45 minutes. Two of the workouts should be strength training and cardio for the others. Turbo Jam has workouts that fit this perfectly. I really need to get an exercise band though. Trying to do exercises designed for a band with weights doesn’t work as well. Although there’s not a lot of them, it would be nice to do them right.

We’re going grocery shopping this weekend so hopefully we’ll have fresh stuff again and we can stop eating so much carbs and processed stuff.

I’d better go get my clothes out of the dryer before the kids insist I do another workout 😆


2 Responses

  1. Wtg on keeping going! I’m assuming you’re talking about TJ? I cannot workout with those gloves, mostly though because my kids hide them and maybe with good reason. 🙂

    I love Chalene, definitely my favorite to workout with at home.

  2. Wiifitfan,
    Yes, that was with a Turbo Jam workout (Punch, Kick & Jam). TJ is my favorite home workout too.

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