My fitness history

With the start of this new year comes lots of fitness stories, so I thought this would be a good time to share mine as well. Since part of this blog is dedicated to my weight loss, I’d better explain how I gained the weight because I haven’t always been heavy. In fact for most of my growing up years, I was underweight. I weighed just 99 pounds in high school. They used to have to special order small uniforms for me for band and drill team. At least I didn’t have to worry about someone wearing my uniform by mistake.

How did I stay so small? It wasn’t really by choice or a conscious decision, just how I lived my life. I wasn’t athletic, but I was active. I quit the softball and tennis teams because, well, I sucked. What I did do was walking, a lot of walking. We lived a mile from the school. I would walk to and from school each day. If there was marching band or drill practice or special event, I walked to and from them as well. Not to mention all the walking around the school during the day. I figure I walked at least 3 miles every day from 8th grade until graduating high school.

Meals were very small. I chose to sleep in instead of eat so breakfast was usually a quick glass of milk and perhaps a slice of toast. Lunch was a large salad with a wheat roll. Then mom made dinner from scratch. Snacks were granola bars or sometimes if I made cookies. Usually though, I was too busy for snack breaks.

Then I moved to Alaska for college. I lived in the dorms freshman year. Dorm food wasn’t great. I ate pizza or hamburgers because the regular meal was inedible (I kept a bottle of Mrs Dash in my purse just in case). I also tried having my usual salad for lunch.

After getting my own place, I ate better again but lost control of portions. I lived a mile from campus and walked unless I was lucky enough to bum a ride.

Once out of college, my boyfriend (now husband) ate out a lot so we could be together. We were both so busy meal times were one of the few times we could be together. Everyone knows how bad fast food is for a diet. Needless to say my weight started going up.

We decided to ride our bicycles to Seattle from Alaska in 2000. That took 7 weeks. It was a great trip. We didn’t worry about what we ate since we were spending so many calories peddling each day. In fact, sometimes I wasn’t eating enough. Still, my weight changed little during that trip.

Now we have 2 kids. With my last, I had a difficult third trimester. I was sick after every meal. The doctor told me to eat ice cream and junk just to get some calories in me. After she was born, I was addicted to the junk and it’s been a struggle with my weight ever since. That was 5 years ago.

At the doctor last winter, I realized if I lost and kept off just a pound every week, I’d be at my ideal weight in only a year. Last year I lost about 25 pounds but only kept off about 10. Still 10 kept off is better than 10 gained, which is what I had been doing since my daughter was born.

So now I have a mission to lose those stubborn 45 pounds and keep them off. I need to return to my roots of exercise and healthy eating. I’m trying to follow the principles of the No-S Diet eating plan. We joined a gym and I like going to their water aerobics. I also have Turbo Jam exercise videos I enjoy.

My biggest problem is time. Our work is too hectic to have a set workout schedule. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work.

Along with homeschool and church posts, you’ll now also find weekly fitness updates about my progress as well as infrequent other posts about fitness and nutrition on this blog. I also have a ticker to track my progress. I enjoy comments and will try to respond in a timely manner.

Time for me to get lost. Lost pounds that is.


3 Responses

  1. Love the full history of your fitness! This inspires me to take a look at mine and then maybe even blog it! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your progress! Especially the marathons!

  2. Someday,
    Funny, it was browsing your blog that inspired me to write it 🙂
    With enough people in my corner (literally and here online) I just may do that marathon. Also, at water aerobics tonight, they (the class instructor and a couple other instructors nearby enough to overhear) were interested in my getting certified this summer as a fitness instructor. Not sure if I feel that fit or brave around other fit people yet.

  3. Wow, that’s so cool! I love how we can inspire each other 🙂

    Getting certified is wonderful! It doesn’t mean you have to be an instructor. That can be a decision for when the time is right. YES, with all the people around us, and with God, we CAN do anything!

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