Dinner & movie

Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. We don’t ususally do much to celebrate, often because we are too busy working. However, we decided to do dinner and a movie this year. Our friend was actually free to watch the kids for us on short notice- thanks again Suzy.

We went to see Sherlock Holmes. It was pretty good. The cinematography was great. However, it was also distracting in places. This movie was filmed in the modern action method where they do a bunch of quick takes from lots of different angles strung together for the fights. That’s fine in a sci-fi or street fight movies, but this was supposed to be set in the Victorian 1800’s so it didn’t fit very well. Still, there were some fine sets which helped make old London come alive.

Don’t come expecting much similarities between the Holmes of this movie and how he was portrayed in the 80’s on the PBS show Mystery or you’ll be disappointed. In that show, he was portrayed as a sophisticated, intelligent society man barely holding his nervous energy in check. Always properly dressed and clean shaven. This movie has Holmes frequently needing a shave, a bit scraggly dressed and leaning toward lazy. There’s not much sense of the nervous energy or sudden decisions that come across in the PBS version and Doyle’s books. However, the logic leaps that make Holmes a famous detective are there.

Nor is there much similarity between the movie and Doyle’s books and short stories. The characters are all there, but some are rather different. Police detective Lestrade is more of a lackey rather than a minor rival. I did like how Watson was portrayed. Holmes female nemesis was great! I liked, yet distrusted, her. You get a sense of a history between her and Holmes without going into flashbacks through details. They even worked in mention of Holmes’ brother Mycroft.

It wasn’t until toward the end, we learn the true identity of Lord Blackburn. However, fans of Holmes won’t be surprised. In fact, I was a bit disappointed and thought the movie would have worked well without this.

The plot was fairly true to a Holmes story, however it wasn’t directly taken from any of Doyle’s works. If you’ve seen Young Sherlock Holmes, this is a good follow up. Without giving away the ending, I’ll say they left the possibility of a sequel open.

I didn’t get as much sense of mystery as I did with the PBS shows. There was a lot of graphic action. Still, overall, it was a good movie.

After the movie, we went to a nice dinner. We both had steaks complete with appetizer, salad, and dessert (he had strawberry cheesecake and I had snicker pie). I ate way too much, especially since I’m supposed to be losing weight. Yet, we haven’t treated ourselves to a night out with just the two of us in a long time.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thank you. 🙂

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