Ever wonder what it would feel like to hit yourself hard in the shin with a hammer? Well, wonder no more. I can tell you. It HURTS!

Today we were remodeling a house. Part of that included tearing out 2 walls and part of a third. The first two came down fine. I was using a hammer. First pound a hole then rip with the claw. Well, I went to rip and it hit so that only a small piece came off instead of the big one I was hoping for. Plus all the extra momentum carried it around. Needless to say, the hammer impacted squarely with my shin. OUCH! I couldn’t stand for about 5 minutes and walking is still painful. So I’m probably going to be taking it easy the next few days.

More Turbo Jam Ordered

I decided what to spend some of the money my mother in law gave me for Christmas. I’m getting more Turbo Jam videos. The package I already have is the Maximum Results which includes 6 workouts: Learn & Burn, 20 Minute, Turbo Sculpt, Ab Jam, Cardio Party, and Punch Kick & Jam. I ordered the Fat Burning Elite package with 5 workouts (2 more Cardio Party, 3T, Lower Body Jam, and Fat Blaster) plus I added Turbo Jam Live which has 2 more workouts. If you order the Live by itself it’s $25 plus $6 shipping. If you add it to the package its $27 including shipping so I saved a few dollars and was planning to get them anyway.

Beach Body also tried to get me to “free sample” vitamins and a subscription to a diet program which I didn’t do. I have vitamins and eat pretty good already (at least I do when I pay attention what I’m eating). If you read the fine print, these aren’t really free. You pay shipping then in a month unless you cancel, they send you more and charge your credit card a bit hit (almost $30 for the vitamins alone). They also had the option for $7 to warranty the videos. If they break or wear out, Beach Body will replace them. Sounds interesting but not for me. I don’t buy warranties on major appliances, why would I videos?

I had them shipped to my PO box. Last time I ordered and tried to have it go to my house, it went to the PO box somehow anyway due to the way shipping companies handle Alaska. Then it really was delayed, so compared to that, the regular delay for direct to the post office is preferable. No wonder shipping is often much higher to Alaska. First one company gets it to Alaska or even Seattle, then the post office takes over so in reality you’re paying shipping twice.

I can’t wait to try them out. I’m enjoying the Turbo Jams I have, and am seeing results. Still, more would be better because I know at some point I will hit a plateau. Plus, variety is the spice of life. If I have more to choose from, I’m less likely to skip a day’s workout.

UPDATE 1/28/10

Just got an e-mail from Beach Body saying my order shipped today. It should be here by Wednesday. If it is, they have significantly improved their order processing and shipping times. That’s great!

Alcohol + Guns = idiocy

I did not have a good weekend and am still dealing with the aftermath of someone else’s poor decision. We were just getting ready to sit down to a relaxing dinner Saturday evening when a tenant called saying someone had fired a bullet into her apartment. A few minutes later she called back saying the police needed into her apartment but she locked herself out when she fled.

Ok. I went down. It took me about 15 minutes to get there. However, by the time I arrived the police had already broken in not only her door, but 2 others as well. Ugh. The bullet went from above, through her ceiling and embedded into her floor. So, I’m now the proud owner of 2 apartments with bullet holes as well as 3 broken entry doors.

Why do I get this wonderful honor? Because a guest of another tenant got drunk and went for a gun. Not sure why he did it, but the end result is the same. Now I’m trying to find contractors to fix it in a hurry with little luck. The shooter is in jail, but that doesn’t help fix the problems he caused.

Also, dealing with the city for reimbursement isn’t easy either. The doors were quality steel doors. The city wants to replace them with cheap box store doors. They may pay for it, but even if they don’t we still have to fix it. Three new doors (with locks and installation) as well as repairing the ceiling and floors isn’t cheap and we just don’t have that much pocket change lying around. We’re having hard enough time paying our regular bills this month. Needless to say it’s been a frustrating few days.

Anyone care to donate to a repair fund?

Turbo Jam 1 month update

After just one month of Turbo Jam, I’m seeing measurable results. I’m shrinking! Despite what the scale says, I’ve made an improvement in my overall fitness this past month. My weight has only gone down a pound, however, my body size has changed a fair amount. My arms, legs, chest, and waist are all down an inch each. The biggest change though, is in my hips. I’m down 3 inches in my hips! I measured that again today and it was no fluke. The inches are really gone.

This just goes to show the scale shouldn’t be the only measure of fitness. Muscle is heavier and denser than fat. I added muscle and removed fat so my size went down but my weight changed little. Not only are my arms smaller, but tighter as well. Same for my legs, just not as noticeable. An inch may not sound like much, but considering the smaller circumference of an arm (compared to say the waist), it’s a fair amount.

That inch in my arms was all flab. I’ve just about gotten rid of my jello arms (you know, that flabby area in the back of the upper arm that is so hard to get rid of). The secret is targeted weight training. You’ve got to specifically work the triceps. Toning them is the only way to get rid of the sag up there. If you only lose weight without toning up, it’ll still look saggy, just smaller overall.

My back problems have almost disappeared since my core is more stable. My chiropractor says your back is stabilized by strong abs, not just strong back muscles.

I’ve made some changes in my diet, but nothing major. Primarily I’m getting back to the principles of the No S Diet eating plan. Everything in moderation and nothing drastically eliminated. I added more fresh fruit and veggies while cutting back (but not getting rid of totally) fats, sweets and other unhealthy snacks. Surprisingly, my cravings for junk have almost entirely gone away. In fact, we walked by a burger place the other day and I was slightly sick from the smell which used to make me hungry.

I feel great! I have more endurance and energy. It’s amazing how the body acts when you give it the foods and exercise it needs. This is all just after one month of using Turbo Jam and once a week water aerobics. I haven’t even been that regular about Turbo Jam. I can’t wait to keep going and see what the next month brings. If I was skeptical about measurable change after just a month when I started Turbo Jam, I’m not now. It works!

12 cups of rice!

Can we say oops? I accidentally made 12 cups of rice tonight instead of 3. I was making vegetarian stuffed peppers (green peppers stuffed with rice mixed with spaghetti sauce, sauted mushrooms and onion). The kids were playing in the kitchen making lots of noise and I got distracted.

It was supposed to be 6 cups water and 3 cups rice in the medium pot. First I didn’t have enough rice. Then too much so I added more water but miscounted so I added more rice. Transfer now to bigger pot. Then my husband realized I (again) miscalculated so had to add still more water. In the end, I wound up with my biggest pot full to the brim with rice, 12 cups to be exact.

My husband has been wanting me to make bigger pots of rice, but this was too much. Needless to say, we’re going to have rice this week. Tonight was stuffed peppers. There’s still rice in sauce left over from that  so we’ll have it tomorrow for lunch with shredded cheese and sour cream as usual. For dinner, I’ll get some tofu for stir fried rice. Then what? I’m open for suggestions, preferable vegetarian and simple.

Swimming improvements

It’s been almost 2 years since the kids had swim lessons. We were unable to go last spring because we went on the cruise instead. Last week I signed them up for lessons next month. Richard has advanced by independent practice so he’s at level 2. Karen is somewhere between the first and second pre-school levels so I wrote both with a question mark and see what they do with that. This year we’re doing 2 days/week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) instead of just Saturdays. We find out the exact times and classes next Friday.

Today we took the kids swimming. Karen took her usual longish time getting used to the water. Richard jumped right in and took off. After swimming some and practicing jumping in, he wanted to do the water slide. My husband told him if he swam the length of the pool and back once he could do the slide. A little while later he came over to me and asked if I could swim a lap with him. I wasn’t really sure he could do it, but went with him to the lap lane. He did it!

So then he was so excited. He went down the water slide lots of times, taking turns with a couple other kids (and me). Then he did the diving board a couple times before deciding he liked the slide better. Back to the slide a few times again before it was time to leave.

Karen made lots of improvement today too. She spent her time first pushing the floating barbell around. She then had me help her swim on her back. After some practice, she got so she could do that by herself and on her front a little too. She also practiced jumping in without holding a hand. This was scary for her, but she did it. That was the big thing that she refused to do last time she had lessons.

Now both kids are excited about swimming again. If they get their school work done on time during the week, we will take them on Sundays. This gives them incentive to study. Also, they have extra chores but with that their allowance is going up. Richard wants to spend his on goggles.

Fitness update 2010 #2

Ugh, back up to 166 after my workout this morning. Usually that workout will make my weight go down so I don’t want to know what it was before.

Oh, and speaking of my workout, today I used the weighted gloves. She calls them weighted hand gloves, as if you’d wear gloves on your feet or elbows or something. Anyway, I’ve done this workout before without them and it was good, but not overly hard. Add the gloves and it becomes something more. I’m suddenly a beginner, fatigued, and uncoordinated. However, I didn’t quit or take off the gloves. Muscle confusion is a good thing and helps prevent the dreaded plateau from doing the same thing the same way all the time.

The gloves themselves were a problem. They don’t fit very well and kept trying to slide around. Plus they don’t flex when I bend my wrist. Nor do they breathe so the back of my hands were sticky where the sand pack was. I may try to look around for a different style that fits better because I defiantly can see them helping this workout. It was much more intense. My upper arms and shoulders especially, but also my legs and butt (those may be from last night’s workout) are sore.

I wasn’t planning to workout this morning. I did laundry and the only things left to wear were my workout clothes. Since I was all suited up, my family encouraged me to workout. So I did. I’m glad I did because now I don’t have to try to fit it in later. There’s a lesson in that somewhere I think.

Our 9th wedding anniversary was Monday. We went to a movie and fancy steak dinner complete with appetizer and dessert. I want to blame my weight on that, but really I was pretty lazy this past week. I hadn’t done any exercise from last Wednesday until yesterday. Not good. You’ve got to move it to lose it.

My plan this week is get back to working out regularly. I found an old personal trainer recommendation sheet which says I should be working out 5-6 times/week for at least 45 minutes. Two of the workouts should be strength training and cardio for the others. Turbo Jam has workouts that fit this perfectly. I really need to get an exercise band though. Trying to do exercises designed for a band with weights doesn’t work as well. Although there’s not a lot of them, it would be nice to do them right.

We’re going grocery shopping this weekend so hopefully we’ll have fresh stuff again and we can stop eating so much carbs and processed stuff.

I’d better go get my clothes out of the dryer before the kids insist I do another workout 😆