Back to the books

After a four-day weekend for Christmas and Karen’s 5th birthday, we’re back to the books this morning. My husband made a big deal about now that our daughter has turned five, she needs to pay more attention to schoolwork. I don’t know if this was meant for me or her. She’s not paid very much attention and I’ve been pretty slack so probably both of us.

So this morning while her brother did his schoolwork and I did the dishes from her dinner party, she read 5 Bob Books aloud in the living room. Learning at home is fun when you can cuddle with a doll or two while reading to Mama. She did well. She got a Fuzzy Duckling book and matching puzzle for her birthday and Poky Little Puppy puzzle for Christmas. After finishing the dishes, I read her Fuzzy Duckling then she did the puzzle (I had to justify the 20% educator discount from Barnes & Noble).

Everyone got new soft throws for Christmas to snuggle under, perfect for reading on the sofa. Richard got 3 Winnie the Pooh chapter books (Winnie the Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner, and Now we are Six) which he already loves. He also got a set of 15 hardcover chemistry books about the elements. This afternoon, he decided to read some in the book about hydrogen then my husband set up a charge generator to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The plan this week is to finish Richard’s handwriting book. Then we’ll try creative writing prompts. Christian Light Education doesn’t have much writing. We should also finish the fifth of 10 workbooks which will make his school year half over.


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