Seventy oops

The temperature has been pretty cold the past few days. We live in the hills above Fairbanks where it’s usually a little warmer in the winter and cooler in summer. Still, it was -25F up here last night (-35 in town).

Part of replacing the kitchen floor was removing the old radiators. My husband wants to replace them with under floor radiant heat, but hasn’t had a chance to yet. As a result, there is NO heat in the front quarter of the house. Even with the furnace on, the kitchen and living room was down to low 60’s. I made a fires in the woodstove which brought the temperature up nicely in the day.

I chopped more wood and got another fire going late this morning. By early-afternoon the temperature in the kitchen was a comfortable upper 60’s. I decided to make a turkey breast that’s been in the freezer too long for dinner. It cooks at 375. I thawed it gently in a pot of water on the wood stove for a few hours before turning on the oven.

Well, I didn’t take the oven into consideration last time I put wood on the fire. My son just checked to temperature in the kitchen and said it’s “seventy-oops”, aka 77! OOPS indeed.


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