Fitness update 2009 #21, shrinking

My weight hasn’t changed as much as I was hoping this week. I’m down a pound and half to 163.5  However, my size has. I now have dents under my rib cage where a fat roll used to be. And their getting bigger. My upper arms are a lot less floppy too. Yeah! 🙂 Oh, and I can feel my hip bones again.

As I add and tone muscle, fat should melt away (hopefully from my butt and thighs) and the scale will go down. I’m not as short of breath doing workouts and other physical tasks, so I know my endurance is increasing. These are just some of the reasons the scale shouldn’t be the only measure of fitness.

The Turbo Jam guide has a page for recording your monthly measurements for 6 months to track your results. I took my measurements Sunday. I taped it to my wall next to the mirror by the bedroom door. (I’d tape it to the mirror except it’s an antique.) I can’t wait to see how it will be next month.

The moves are getting easier. Still a great workout; I’m just getting more coordinated. I’m even getting the hang of “twist”. Practice definitely makes perfect. I’ve done TJ 6 out of the last 7 days. I’m loving Turbo Jam more and more the more I do it.

With the kids being sick and my husband out of town, I missed going to the gym last Friday and this Wednesday. Yet with TJ, I didn’t have to skip working out. I want to get more DVD’s and the new fit ball routine. I did fit ball on our cruise this spring and it really adds to the workout. I asked my husband to get me Turbo Jam: Get on the Ball for my birthday.

Eating has been good. With sick kids and my husband out of town, we haven’t eaten out this week. I did make a big pumpkin custard, but we ate it over 3 days for breakfast and kids bedtime snack. That was the only sweet. I’ve been trying hard not to snack, especially before bed.

We had sandwiches a few days for lunch. I was good and instead of having a full one, I shared with my daughter. She only eats half anyway. My bread machine makes huge loaves so one slice is about the size of 2 store bought bread slices.

I did have seconds for Wednesdays’ dinner. I love different veggie soups and usually have seconds. Wednesday was vegetarian borscht with a small spoonful of sour cream. I figured the soup had very few calories since it was just root veggies (including the last of this year’s carrots) and water so the small amount of sour cream in 2 bowls still didn’t make a regular meal’s worth of calories. Yet, it was very filling because it had fiber from the potato and cabbage. It was also loaded with vitamins.

My husband is getting back early Friday. The kids are on the mend getting over their colds. Hopefully, that will mean I can get to the Zumba class Friday night. I still will do TJ 20 Minute though in case I can’t get to the gym. I’d also like to go skiing again this weekend.

According to the weight loss plan we made last year, I should be at 145 this month and 140 by April. It will take plenty of hard work, but I hope I can get down to that then with Turbo Jam. I want to get paid again, but that’s a lot of catching up to do.

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