Worth the calories?

I just read a slightly disturbing article on Yahoo “10 Holiday Foods worth the Calories“. The idea is that because they taste oh so good, it’s ok to splurge. What are these 10 diet busters? Bread pudding, chocolate cake, cheese, fudge, quiche, roast, jelly doughnuts, pot pie, peanut butter, and “everything ala mode”.

That’s quite a list. Whoa! That kind of thinking is what has caused us to become one of the top five overweight nations in the world. It’s enough to make the scale soar just reading most of it.

A few items on the list can be part of a healthy diet in moderation. These include cheese, roast, and peanut butter all of which provide protien. However except for the peanut butter, moderation’s not recommended in the article. Instead, it is more of indulgence and using the cheese and also the peanut butter in yummy calorie laden desserts.

Quiche can also be healthy when make with low fat milk and veggies. That’s definitely not what the article has in mind. They talk about full cream, heavy cheese , bacon, and loaded with fat. Oh, and don’t forget about the crust.

You can indulge in these if you plan ahead and cut back on other foods. If you enjoy the foods on that list like I do, denial isn’t a good option. Instead, make healthy substitutions like low fat milk instead of heavy cream. Sugar can usually be cut in half when making recipes without much difference in taste. If someone else is doing the cooking, take smaller portions or leave some on your plate. That way you can still enjoy your favorites, without packing on the pounds.

Just because it is a holiday, shouldn’t be a reason to over indulge. You’ll only regret it later as you have to work even harder to get rid of the pounds. Instead, enjoy your favorites in moderation.


3 Responses

  1. Great reminder! I always come off summer feeling great, I gain three or four pounds over winter, then I have to work to loose them in the spring. I always do, but it’d be nice to start again where I left off!

  2. I am guilty of most of these. I think of roast as a staple though. Something that is good for you. Same with pot pie…

  3. Briana,
    We don’t eat meat very often but do enjoy lean roasts sometimes when we do. We can usually get a few meals from a small one including pot pie from the leftovers. Thanks for the comment.

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