Rockin’ Body review

Rockin’ Body is another Beach Body program. It stars Shaun T. He’s this fit black dude. He’s funny, energetic, and a good teacher. However, I wasn’t very impressed with Rockin’ Body overall. I think it would be more fun in person, but was rather lame at home.

The set I got has 7 workouts on 2 DVD’s. The one good workout is Rockin’ Abs. This is the best quick ab workout! It’s fun and I definitely feel it. It’s also the only reason I didn’t return the entire program. (Makes me wish I went with my original plan and ordered his Hip Hop Abs instead.) If the rest of the program was a good as this, it would be great, but sadly, it’s not.

The other workouts didn’t seem like dancing, just flapping around mostly or old school aerobics and floor work instead. There’s a lot of down time transitioning between routines and/or moves. The costumes and backup “dancers” were very immodestly dressed with way too much spray on tan. The set and lighting were distracting.

The music was one of the worst parts. I was expecting with a name like Rockin’ Body to have some great music. Instead, it was poor remakes that will leave you disappointed if you love the original tunes. Most of the music is unrecognizable and the songs they brag about are only remakes. It also doesn’t fit the choreography very well in places; either your working hard in the slow part of the song or the music is pumping and your not.

Yes. I did give the program the benefit of the doubt and try them several times before giving up. I think they were trying to do too much extra stuff to create a concert mood which really detracted instead of enhanced the workouts.

The exercises themselves are pretty good. I just couldn’t really get into it. I still dig Rockin’ Body out every once in awhile for variety but these videos spend most of the time on the shelf.

10 Responses

  1. Is this used as a quit smoking aid?

  2. How can I order more of this product?

  3. It’s available at for $60 plus $20 shipping or you can try E-bay.

  4. Not specifically. However, exercise is a great substitute for smoking.

  5. Can this be utilised by someone only needing to lose around ten pounds?

  6. Sure. The amount you can lose will depend upon how frequently and intensely you workout along with proper diet. This is a good program for losing that amount of weight using a non-traditional cardio routine.

  7. Yeah, even Hip Hop Abs wasn’t as great as I had expected it to be–same deal with the music, and the moves weren’t intense enough for me. I got done and didn’t really feel like I had worked out at all…

    Shaun T definitely seems like a fun guy, and I love the way he says “tuck, tilt, and tighten,” lol…

    His newer program, though, Insanity? I have it but haven’t tried it yet. It looks intense and it scares me, haha! =)

  8. I debated getting Hip Hop, but was really unsure about the music. Glad I didn’t. Yeah, Rockin Body isn’t a very intense workout, except the abs. Standing ab work is a killer to me! I bought it from e-bay so it was worth it for that routine and Shaun T is pretty entertaining. However, if I were to pay full price, I’d be pretty disappointed overall.

    From all I heard and seen, Insanity is the toughest cardio workout on the market. I admire you for getting it. It scares me too. 😆

  9. I ordered Rockin’ Body for myself & my mom b/c it was on sale for $20 so I figured what the heck… It’s not a very intense workout (too low level for me) but it was perfect for my mom. She’s a beginner and is seeing results & enjoying it. Her favorite is Shaun T’s Dance Party. She also enjoys watching Shaun T… at least it keeps her doing it! 🙂 Whatever works…

  10. Yes. Whatever keeps her moving. Thanks for commenting and reading.

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