Turbo Jam review

What can I say about Turbo Jam (TJ) other than I love it! But, since that really doesn’t tell you much, I’ll tell you more about the program and why I like it so much. I suppose I should let you know (due to new product electronic endorsement laws) that I’m not affiliated with Beach Body and haven’t been paid to write this.

Let me first say the one negative and that isn’t directly about the program but rather Beach Body, the company that sells it. Their customer service is pretty bad if you have a problem with your order. They charged me “estimated sales tax”. Since we have no sales tax in Alaska, I tried to call and question this charge. I wound up calling many different numbers (answered with India sounding accents) each referring me to the next after politely explaining why they couldn’t help. One even asked if I was satisfied with his help after not helping. Frustrating.

Anyway, finally someone contacted me via this blog from BeachBody. I called him and had the problem fixed right away (thank you again Pierre!). They even removed the shipping charge to compensate me for my trouble. I’ve read of others who’ve had customer service problems with them too. I would probably order directly from them again though because they sell such great products. Also shipping to Alaska is VERY slow. They don’t give free shipping upgrades to Alaska. I don’t know why since the post office now offers flat rate priority boxes so that price is the same for all 50 states.

Now, here’s the good stuff about Turbo Jam.

Turbo Jam is a workout system designed and led by Chalene Johnson. The biggest thing is variety. There’s a lot of different workouts. Each workout uses the same 11 moves, but they are all put together different so you don’t get bored yet you don’t have to learn a ton of different moves either. BeachBody offers several different TJ packages and you can also find them on e-bay. Beside good all over workouts, there is specific cardio, abs, and strength training. Even a fit ball set. They vary from 20 minutes to an hour in length.

I bought the Maximum Results package. It included 6 workouts: Learn & Burn, 20 Minute, Turbo Sculpt, Cardio Party, Ab Jam, and Punch Kick & Jam. The first 5 were on one DVD and the last was on it’s own. I think that’s because it was put out after the first ones so it was a “bonus”. There was also a program guide, eating chart, and flash cards explaining the moves. Oh, and weighted gloves which came with instruction sheet. The only thing was the instructions had you putting them on upside down 😆 The weight is supposed to be on the top of your hand, not in the palm.

The results of TJ program are great. Not only do you tone up, but you also slim down quickly. Her 11 moves target every major muscle for great overall workouts and burn a ton of calories. They also improve your balance since you’re twisting and kicking, sometimes at the same time. I’ve lost up to a pound just by doing one session of Cardio Party, even with drinking a lot of water. Talk about a quick result!

The 11 moves are called “Elite 11″. Like I said, they work every major muscle in your body. This includes the chest and back. I felt if most in my back when first starting TJ. However, unlike many targeted exercises, they aren’t isolation moves. Instead, they work several different muscle groups at once. Yet, they aren’t bouncy or high impact. Most of all, they are fun never repetitive. That may sound strange since you’re only doing 11 different moves, but she strings them together in routines of several connected moves like a dance.

Some of the moves are easier than others. I’m still having trouble with the one she calls twist. When I first started doing TJ, I tripped all over myself. Still, it was fun so I kept trying. Other than “twist”, I’m able to do the moves without trouble now. Like everyone says, practice makes perfect. That is definitely true of the moves in TJ so don’t give up as hopelessly uncoordinated if you have trouble at first. If you have any experience with martial arts, dance, or kickboxing they will be easier since they are adaptations from them.

The music with TJ is the greatest. It’s cued perfectly. It’s not just background, but actually part of the workouts. It’s fun and keeps you wanting to move. It’s not the latest dancey, hip-hop, popular radio songs. If you’re looking to rock-out, you’ll be disappointed and perhaps annoyed. Instead it’s workout music which truly fits the routines. Muzak on steroids.

I wish more exercise videos paid as much attention to music selection as these do. It’s never annoying like some videos can be. In fact, instead of the option to turn off the music, they have the option to cut the voice track down so you can go with the music better.

I don’t know why, but I feel I’m in the studio with them. Perhaps it’s because not only are people exercising in front of the camera, there’s also people behind the camera who she also interacts with. The attitude and enthusiasm just pours out of the screen. I’ve never felt that way from an exercise video before. They talk to you, not at or down to you. The workout is over before I’m ready sometimes, I’m enjoying it that much. TJ is the only program where I’ve never anxiously anticipated the end of a workout.

When finished with TJ workouts, I’m tired and sweaty. After I cool down, I’m full of energy for the rest of my day. I can’t do them at night because then I have trouble sleeping. But don’t take that to mean they are a wimpy workout. You’re just not totally exhausted for the rest of the day like some videos leave you.

I’m really excited about TJ. It’s fun, never boring or repetitive. I’ve highly recommended it to others, including some fitness instructors at my gym. There is a group version for gyms called Turbo Kick. If I had the time, I’d try to become a fitness instructor just to teach that and water aerobics. It’s for all levels of fitness and ability. And the results speak for themselves.

TJ is truely for all ages. My kids are so excited when I get my workout clothes on. They just won’t stay on the couch or in their rooms but want to join in. They tell me every time that it’s lots of fun. You don’t have to take my word for it. I just found YouTube video of two adorable toddlers doing TJ. If you listen, at the end one of them says “this is fun”.


13 Responses

  1. How swiftly can I see muscle definition?

  2. It depends upon how much fat you have on top of the muscles to start with and how frequently you work out. Like all exercise programs, the more intensity and frequently you work out, the better your results. In the first month using about 3 times per week I lost 1 inch from each leg, arm, chest and waist. I also lost 3 inches from my hips. My arms are more toned with most of the jiggle gone from the back of my upper arms.

  3. Hi, I’ve just started using the Turbo Jam workout… Can you tell me which video did you use every week? Or did you change it up? Since you lost quite a bit of inches off your body, I was wondering what is your exercise schedule like..And did you incorporate eating well too?

  4. Raina,
    Thanks for your comment and questions.

    I started with the Maximum Results package from BeachBody which has 6 workouts. At first I did the Learn & Burn a few times along with 20 Minute (boy was I uncoordinated at times). Then after I became more comfortable with the moves, I did mostly Cardio Party and Punch Kick & Jam. About once a week, I did Turbo Sculpt. The Maximum Results package comes with a workout schedule which is great for getting into a routine with recommendations for both beginners and those more advanced. About 2 weeks ago, I ordered the Fat Burning Elite package which has 7 workout DVD’s. These are more intense and have no schedule. I’ve been doing the 2 ‘live” workouts this week: Cardio Party Remix and Booty Sculpt. Together they are an hour long. I do one in the morning and the other in the evening. I also do a water aerobics group once a week for an hour.

    As for diet and eating well, the best advice I can give to check out the No S Diet. First tackle how much you’re eating, then tackle what you eat. If you try to do both at once, it is much harder and less likely to succeed long term. It’s not really a diet, but rather a sensible eating plan. You can eat whatever you want so there’s no deprivation or craving things you can’t have. Instead there are a few simple rules. The first two, No sweets (which also includes sodas, even diet ones) and No seconds are self explanatory. No snacks can be harder to do. I was strict about the no snacks at first just to break the emotional or boredom caused snacking. Now, I sometimes have fruit or cut veggies if I’m really sure I’m hungry. Finally, not on days with “S” which is usually considered Saturday and Sunday but if you have a different work schedule, you can adjust for your own weekend. Also not on special days so you can still celebrate your birthday or anniversary. Just be careful not to pig out too much, which you will be tempted to do early on as you adjust your eating habits. Recently, I still thought I was eating too much, so I started using smaller plates which has made a difference and I finally feel good about both how much and what I’m eating.

    Also, be sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout your day and during your workouts. This will not only make sure you’re hydrated enough, but also help flush away toxins and fat from your body. I have a big glass that holds 20 oz (2 1/2 cups) which I drink several times a day.

    Sorry this is so long, but wanted to give you a complete answer. Good luck with your workouts and goals. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to write again.

  5. Thank you so much for the detailed reply! Appreciate it.

  6. Raina,
    You’re welcome. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

  7. It’s so cool to hear that your thoughts on Turbo Jam are basically the same as mine! The music is what really made me smile, and even though I thought I physically wasn’t going to make it to the end of my very first workout, I kept pushing and made it because I was still having fun! Are you still doing TJ today?

    And pardon me here, but I just wanted to send a little note on the Beachbody customer serivce–first, that really sucks about the hassle you had to go through! I’d be so annoyed. Second, are you on Facebook? If so, I recommend looking up the CEO, Carl Daikeler. If you ever have a problem again with CS, try messaging his friend page or posting a comment on his “like” page. There were two different times that one of my coaches was having problems with getting a response from CS, and I messaged Carl and (to my surprise actually) the problem was resolved pretty much immediately. (Or I’d be happy to contact him for you if you like.)

  8. Turbokerri,

    Thanks for checking out my blog reviews. I took the summer off, ate more junk than I should and gained almost 10 pounds 😦 That’s the bad news. The good news is that I started back doing TJ on Saturday, and I’ve already lost a pound after just 2 workouts! TJ is so much fun it doesn’t feel like exercise (very much anyway).

    I’ve had CS issues both times I ordered from them. I really don’t think their system is set up for Alaska properly. Plus, I didn’t realize it at the time, but ordered a product that was being featured on a current infomercial so I’m sure they were swamped. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter.

  9. i would also love to have those beach bodies, i really envy cut abs and six packs”:~

  10. I’m usually pretty good about filtering and blocking spam, but it is obvious you actually read this post and are familiar with Beach Body.

  11. Very fun, upbeat, heart pumping workout. A great workout mixed with kickboxing, dancing, and karate all in one. works your entire body. Great workout with or without the gloves. I can tell a difference already I have been using for only a week but i have used it for 6days with a day break. It doesnt even feel like your excersing. You get plenty of diffrent excerise options so you dont get bored. I highly recommend.

  12. I LOVED TJ – that’s why I’m doing Turbo Fire now! 🙂

  13. I ordered TF because I loved TJ too, but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Let me know how you’re doing some time.

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