Fitness update 2009 #20, coping

After last night’s rant I’m doing better today. Still haven’t exercised yet, but have found the DVD’s (See update below 🙂 ) Now  that today both my daughter and son are sick, I don’t have to worry about keeping them apart so she won’t get sick. I again woke up at 6am this morning, but stayed up and read. Perhaps I only need 8 hours instead of my usual 10 for sleep this winter, weird.

My diet improvements and 3 days of hour-long exercise helped lower the scale a pound and a half for the week to 165, thus raising my mood. I’m still 10 pounds above my lowest early in summer though. At least the scale is starting to go down again. Hopefully, I can keep it doing that. My husband has to go to Seattle for business. I usually loose weight when he’s gone since I’m too busy to snack.

So my plans for the next week are more of the same: working on eating healthy, small portions and exercising as much as I can. Pretty back to basics, no-nonsense fitness but it’s what works best for me. I just need to stick with it.

As soon as I can get the kids settled, I will exercise. Not sure if it will be a half hour or full hour yet. They are driving me nuts pestering each other. Today’s one of those when if they were feeling better, I’d have them play OUTSIDE.


I just finished Turbo Jam: Punch, Kich & Jam. I’ve not done this one before. I didn’t trip myself up or forget to switch sides like I sometimes do with the other TJ’s.

I tried to keep the kids in their rooms but they actually got into it too asking proper form and trying some of the moves. That was fun, but distracting sometimes. Still, I was able to finish the whole 50 minute workout without wanting to quit (except kid interruptions).

She says it’s more athletic than some of the other TJ’s. I didn’t think so, particularly compared to Cardio Party. Still, it was a great workout, especially for your core and balance. There was enough variety to be fun instead of just a workout. I wasn’t eagerly anticipating the end like some videos. The flow from move to move was perfect and the music cued it great. I’m sweaty and a bit sore, but not particularly short on breath or ready to collapse. Like she says of all the TJ’s, you can do any intensity you want from high to low impact which is one of their best things.

Overall, it was an enjoyable workout. Another BeachBody hit! I’m not sure why I didn’t want to try it last night. Just looking for an excuse to be lazy I guess.

Now for another healthy dinner of marinated baked salmon. I’m going to try a rice one-pot casserole with broccoli, sauted mushrooms, onion, and a little garlic. And of course cheddar cheese, but I’m going to shred that onto the top rather than make a heavy sauce. I hope I added enough water for the rice. MMMM, smells good anyway.


5 Responses

  1. 10 hrs sleep? Wow I’m doing good to stay asleep for 6

  2. Dee,
    One of the symptoms of SAD is sleeping a lot more than normal. When it was first diagnosed I’d sometimes sleep 20 hours. In recent winters, my 10 hours seems right but I was still tired all day. Not sure what’s different this year only needing 8.

  3. One of the side effects of having ADHD is that I rarely sleep more than 5-6 hrs unless I’m sick.

  4. Hello,

    I love Beachbody workout videos. Since the end of May, I’ve dropped from 167 to 143. My greatest achievement is taking off 5 inches on my waist and getting back into size 10 jeans. Have you thought about making some extra money with Beachbody? You certainly are a natural teacher and motivator with what you share with your readers. Keep pressing play and stay encouraged!


  5. Julie,
    Hey, that’s great! Yes, I did consider the Beachbody “coach” program, but decided it wasn’t worth it now. Among other reasons, I don’t have time to keep on top of another business. My husband and I are already running 4 (2 alternative energy, apartment rentals, and a research non-profit). Thanks for your encouragement.

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