BIG Moose

We had a huge moose in our yard a few minutes ago. It came up the house to munch saplings. When it stood in front of our living room windows, it’s back was above the window sill and that’s about 6 feet up. My daughter saw it in the woods and thought it was a horse. Looking at it close up through the window, I think it is bigger than a horse. It’s one of the largest (at least tallest) moose I’ve ever seen, and being in Alaska, I’ve seen a lot.

I was sure glad for the widow glass. Not only as a barrier between us and the moose, but also it kept our smell from the moose allowing us to get up within a foot of it’s head. At one point I was eye to eye with him. That was weird, watching each other up close like that.

Yes, I did get pictures. Not sure how they’ll turn out because of the glass reflection. There’s another smaller one down by the garden.


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