Unexpected visitors

I had a knock on my door late this morning. I wasn’t expecting company. My son is sick with a sore throat and chest congestion. Neither he nor his sister had even gotten dressed. I though it may have been one of the maintenance workers who stop by occasionally needing something or to let me know they’ll be using the welder for a few minutes. Anyway, when I opened the door, it was two ladies I never saw before.

After a brief hello they asked me what I thought was the thing the world needed the most. Hmmm. Not your typical sales pitch. It was two women and they didn’t have name tags, so I was pretty sure they weren’t with the Mormons who sometimes stop by. It didn’t matter, my answer was simple: Jesus.

I’m not sure that was the answer she was expecting. I didn’t want to invite them in because of my son’s cold so we stood there discussing theology in the half closed doorway. By now the kids came over to see who Mamma was talking to at the door. The women wanted to discuss Psalm 37:10-11 and how I thought the world would be after the Second Coming of Peace. She seemed surprised I was familiar with the verses when she started to open her Bible to Psalm 37. She asked if I thought He would return. My response was that the Bible says He will and I believe that. After all, if we don’t believe the Bible promises, why call yourself a Christian?

Meanwhile the kids are being obnoxious trying to get my attention. At one point she said my son didn’t seem sick. Uhh, how would you know what he’s like normally to know he’s not acting sick?

So after asking me the same question three times with no answer due to kid distractions she got the idea I was busy with kids. She tried to ask what raising a family would be like. I just stared at her and tried to shoo the kids back from the door. She finally figured out it wasn’t a good time and after (finally) introducing herself and the other woman left, promising to return at a later more convieniant time.

She never did say what church she was from. Nor did I get a clear idea of her purpose in their visit. I think it was to tell unbelievers about Jesus, but she didn’t seem to have a plan for discussing with a believer. All she did was ask me questions. Were they perhaps taking a survey? She didn’t write anything down so I doubt it.

That’s the problem with a lot of door-to-door missionaries. They come prepared to share/defend/argue with unbelievers, but not discuss with other believers. Instead they pick questions trying to find out if you’re a “true” believer (someone who agrees on everything with them). Then they try to convince you of the error of your ways when in fact they may be the ones who are in error.

This unexpected visit left me thinking about the Second Coming. We’re told it will be in a twinkle of the eye and as a thief in the night. In other words suddenly and unexpectedly. Are you ready? Is salvation something that you’ve been putting off for later? There may be no later. No one knows the number of their days.

It also left me thinking about defending what you believe to false profits and teachings. Some of them can be very subtle and convincing. How well do you know the truths in the Bible? I’ve read it through, but haven’t studied verses for memorization much. If someone points out a verse (like this woman did), I can discuss it, but not in relation to others by memory. This visit made me realize the error of not hiding the word in my heart (Psalm 119:11) as much as I should.

Are you prepared for a knock on your door? Have you read the Bible through for yourself? Are you hiding the Word in your heart?


2 Responses

  1. I have been reading a book lately that really got me “excited” about the second coming. Oh, I am not on a death march and I have always thought of how incredible eternity with God would be, but this one just got me really thinking of how wonderful it truly will be. This took on a world of it’s own and I have been delving into what I believe (over all) a bit more so I can witness better, defend when called to, and protect myself and my family from false prophets and teachers.

    I just recently (about a week ago) had two men come by my door (Jehovah’s Witness) and asked me a few questions. I explained that I had sick children. They said they could come back and I told them they could come when my husband wasn’t busy (I don’t let any men into my home, not even our friends husbands, if hubby isn’t home.) out of respect for my husband. They agreed (didn’t ask when that would be) and never came back. That made me think about how many opportunities we have that we don’t follow up on.

  2. Katy,
    Today I am wondering if those women will really be back. Missed opportunities from lack of follow up can hurt the Church. Still, God is in charge and knows best. We just get a case of what-if’s.

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