Healthy: just DO it!

I’m pretty frumpy tonight (combination of grumpy and frustrated). Let me share with you why. Nothing major by itself, but collectively make frustration. The worst part is I know it’s all in my head. I also know exercise will quickly cure my blues. Still, knowing and doing are entirely different things. Just ask anyone who is or ever has been overweight.

I haven’t exercised since Saturday. It’s not that I haven’t had time. I even cleared an area on Sunday in the living room to have a place to workout. I just can’t seem to get motivated to actually start, not even one of the short 20 minute video workouts. I know I’m lazy. I know I need to exercise. I just don’t have the gumption to get out of the chair.

My sleep has been off. The last few mornings I’ve woke up around 6am to go potty then can’t get back to sleep. The alarm is set for 745 (another benefit of homeschooling, not having to get up early to get kids ready to go to school). I should just stay up, but go back to bed hoping for another hour or so of sleep. Then when it doesn’t happen I’m frumpy and feel cheated. Silly, huh?

Last night I went grocery shopping for salad fixings and fruit trying to clean up our diet a little more. Our resolution not to eat out until our anniversary in January didn’t last long; we went to Subway yesterday after my husband had 2 court hearings over deadbeat tenants (why do people live in an apartment without paying their rent then sue the landlord when they get evicted?!). However, I had oat bread instead of cheesy herb. I had honey mustard instead of mayo. I had turkey ham instead of club which also has bacon. I had plain Sunchips instead of my favorite cheetoes. I did have a chocolate cookie though.

Today’s eating started off pretty good. Breakfast was cottage cheese and applesauce. Lunch was tomato soup and a slice of cheddar. It is hard sticking to No-S when it comes to soup, especially tomato. I like a second bowl, but was good and didn’t have one. Then a friend brought cookies. I had a big mug of hot cocoa and 2 cookies 😦 Dinner is a small piece of teri-chicken, herb roasted potatoes (no sour cream!), and salad with the salad taking most of the plate.

I started using smaller plates this week. I still fill the plate, but don’t actually get as much. We’ll see if that helps. My portions are getting way too big. So, smaller plates and no seconds for awhile should help reign in how much I’m eating.

It’s hard to watch what you eat and eat lightly with young kids. While they can do eat small portions they need snacks. That’s part of the reason for buying the fruit last night. At least my kids like healthy foods rather than junk all the time.

Today my son is sick. Probably something he picked up at the play place in the gym Saturday. Ugh. Today was supposed to be their quarterly fitness testing and ice skating tomorrow for the homeschool. Not now. Instead he is in bed (well, supposed to be anyway). I hope I don’t get it, but think I may be.

So you can see it’s just a compilation of minor problems that have added up tonight. Ugh, now I’m coughing. I hate being sick and that’s probably the root of my blahs. I did manage to clean the kitchen and do the dishes (still in the bath tub though) so I won’t have to worry about them for a few days if I get really sick.

Now I’m going to fix myself some tea and read for awhile. Then after dinner has digested I may do 2o minutes exercise. I really need to get off my butt and just do something.

Grrr. Now I can’t find the exercise videos. I unpacked them this weekend and thought I put them away in either the living room or library, but they aren’t there tonight. So much for exercising. The only one I found is the hour long butt kicker and no way am I doing that this time of night. Perhaps first thing in the morning.


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