Fitness update 2009 #19; putting plans into action

Having a fitness plan is great. It lays out what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them. However, having the plan alone won’t get you to the goal. You must put the plan into action. Actually do what you so you will. That is what I’ve been doing recently.

It hasn’t been as easy restarting my fitness as last year’s original start. It’s been a rocky start. I’ve limited myself to one plate at meals and few sweets during the week, but am eating out a lot. I’ve started more frequenty exercising but having trouble fitting it in early in the week. We hired a new maintenance worker this week which has helped take some of the load off my husband and I. Hopefully, we can have more time to pay better attention to our fitness now.

For exercise, I’ve started going to water aerobics on Wednesday nights again. We’re still too busy to go on Mondays. She gave us a good workout this week. She also encouraged going to a class called Zumba on Friday night.

I went yesterday. That was fun but intense. It’s an hour long aerobic dance class. No wonder dancers are in such great shape. You can make it as hard as you want. If you want to really get into it, you get a harder workout than just moving around gently following the moves. I could feel it in my sides and butt and thighs by the time class finished. Besides the water aerobics instructor, there were several other fitness instructors in the class. There were also others like me just looking to get fit and have fun.

I don’t know why, but my daughter has been calling her brother “gone bad steak” since yesterday. Silly kids.

Water aerobics and Zumba take 2 days. Now I need to figure out what to do the other 5 days of the week for exercise. I can do the BeachBody exercise DVD’s now that most of my kitchen isn’t in the living room any more. There’s also a class that combines pilates and yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon which sounds fun. I could probably go on Thursdays.

I’ve decided what my reward will be this time for loosing 10 pounds. I’m going to buy a new exercise shirt. My old t-shirt is getting rather ratty looking. Unfortunately, the pants I bought this summer are now a little small so the pockets pucker. Ugh. Hopefully, I’ll loose enough weight soon so that they fit properly again.

So in order to earn my shirt, I’m going to have to continue exercising and watching what I eat. I also need to clean up what I eat so not only am I eating right size portions, I’m also eating healthy. Cutting out on eating out will help. Adding salads and more veggies with less carbs will help too. Continuing with the exercise classes will help by gaining encouragement from others as well as adding variety. Unrealistically, I can earn the shirt by New Year’s. Realistically, probably mid or late January.

I just need to avoid snacking after I exercise. Does working out make anyone else want to snack? If I do, no matter what I eat, I’ll over eat. Best not to have anything except water or herbal tea. I never understood the theory that you must eat after you workout to refuel, especially if you’re trying to loose weight. I’m trying to burn calories. Why would I want to add them back again?

The kids have dog mushing this afternoon so if I’m going to exercise, I’d better do it now. Keep pushing play!


The kids decided NOT to do dog mushing but wanted to go to the gym instead. OK. I had 2 hours of day care time to spend in the gym. The class I thought about doing already started so I went to the cardio room. They have totally rearranged the layout and got new machines. They now face what was the back, towards the windows. That actually makes more sense than facing the wall like they used to.

I got interested in a tv show so wound up doing 45 minutes on the stationary bike for 250 calories. Whoo-Hoo! Who says watching tv makes you lazy 🙂 We don’t have tv reception at home anymore so if I want to watch I have to go exercise (the sound only works when the machine is in use). Then I went swimming for about half an hour before a nice shower.

This makes the third day this week I’ve done some serious exercising for an hour each day. I feel great! I can feel my muscles waking up again. I hope I can keep this energy going to motivate me Monday and Tuesday to do a little exercising.

My diet needs work, but hopefully I can get the scale to go down this week. Breakfast was half bowl of oatmeal. Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich shared with my daughter. Tonight’s dinner will be baked potato something. The potatoes are already in the oven. I’m considering a home made broccoli cheese sauce. However, if I do, that’s all dinner will be.


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