Thanksgiving, night skiing

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. We did. My husband went to the all hours gym for an hour of exercise while I made French Toast for breakfast with the kids.

We watched part of the big parade on TV but were disappointed. They hardly showed any of the parade. Instead it was mostly talk about the latest tv shows, Broadway musicals, singing (not part of the parade) and of course ads. We were expecting to see the parade, not a morning talk show which is what it wound up seeming like. You could catch glimpses of the parade behind them while they were talking. Ugh. I don’t think we will bother next year.

Some of the things they said during the parade really didn’t make sense to us. Things like it not being Thanksgiving without football or the parade. I’m sorry, but they have that definitely wrong. Thanksgiving was around long before football or parades. Sure, our popular American culture likes to do those on Thanksgiving, but many people don’t enjoy them and still enjoy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about being thankful to God for family, health, and the things around you first. What you chose to do to show it varies.

We went and had lunch with my mother in law. Then did a little work in the afternoon. When we got back home, my husband put some videos on for Karen and he took a nap. Richard wanted to go cross country skiing.

Richard and I went over to the University of Alaska ski trails. It was dark when we parked. There are lighted trails up on north campus, but we were down near Ballaine Lake where the trails are unlit. It was a beautiful night; the half moon shining bright gave enough light to cast tree shadows across the trail. The temperature was a relatively warm 10F.

This was his first time skiing on groomed trails. Previously he’d only been in our driveway and once on an ungroomed trail. Needless to say, he fall down a lot. We went up one trail until we came to a steep (but fairly short) downhill with a corner at the bottom and turned around. I don’t want him tackling a hill like that on his first real time out, plus I’m pretty unsteady on hills still too. Then we went back the other way until he wanted to turn around.

We had a great time. I saw a moose on our way back just off the trail. Richard did better and better. We were out about an hour on the trails. I can’t wait to go again. I’m not sure if we’ll go to the same place or try the lit trails.

Of all the times I’ve gone skiing, I’ve only skied during the day twice. All other times were at night and usually on unlit trails. I don’t like headlamps. Sure, they give a bright circle around you but ruin your night vision for seeing things outside the circle. I don’t think I would have seen the moose if I had a headlamp. I find you can actually see better without the lamp if the moon is out. Granted, you don’t get a lot of detail, but do you really need it once your skis are on unless you have a problem?

Plus, they shine in the face of others. This was made plain tonight. Someone was entering the trail while we were leaving. He had a headlamp on. It kept getting in our eyes, temporarily blinding us. Did the person even acknowledge us? No. Did the person duck their head to get the light away from us? Again, no. I don’t think this person was being deliberately rude, I just don’t think he realized the problem his bright light was for us being accustomed to the moonlight.


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