No more dry skin itch

I have really dry skin, especially this time of year in early winter. The itch can be unbearable. At times, I have been known to scratch my legs until they bleed and still keep scratching. The itch just doesn’t stop. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different oils, lotions and creams; even prescriptions. Most just make my legs greasy but do nothing to lessen the itch.

I’ve tried gloves and mittens to cover my nails. I’ve cut (or bit) my nails super short. That didn’t help either. I just use something else to relieve the itch (a key, a pen cap, a barrette. It really doesn’t matter what. Just something to use to scratch).

I don’t endorse many products directly on this blog, but simply must share these. So far the best dry skin therapy I’ve tried before this year was Euracin. It’s expensive, but helps somewhat. It also takes awhile to soak in before relieving the itch. Still, it does help relieve the itch.

However, I found something even better this year. It’s also rather expensive, but not as much as Euracin. I found a sample tube in the organic section of the store and tried it right there. Wow! Instant relief! I got a large tube and dropped it in my cart.

My son also has dry skin but not as bad as mine. I found a large pump bottle with similar ingredients for him. I figured since his isn’t as bad as mine, he wouldn’t need as powerful cream. I was right. About 5 minutes after I put some on him today he said “Ahh, no more itchy legs”.

So, what are these wonderful products? The are made by JASON. The one I use is Aloe Vera 84% Hand & Body Lotion in 8oz tube. The one for my son is Aloe Vera 70% All Over Body Lotion in 16 ounce pump.

The pump is a little less expensive even though twice the size. Unfortunately, they are slightly different ingredients so the 70% doesn’t help me. It also has a lavender scent which I don’t care for but he doesn’t mind.

2 Responses

  1. I do too. I would be happy to find some of this. did you get it in Anchorage? I am allergic to sulphates.

  2. Briana,
    I got them here in Fairbanks at the health foods/bulk section of Fred Meyer.

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