Fitness update 2009 #17, frustration

I’m getting winter frustration. It’s cold outside, the house is a mess, and I haven’t had any real exercise all week. I couldn’t wait for this stage of our remodeling to begin. Now that the floor is down, I can’t wait for it to end and everything go back to normal.

I wish I had some exciting news this week, but no. My monthly didn’t come a few weeks ago. I tested today and it was negative. Not sure what’s up with that.

My weight has stayed the same the past few weeks. Up from this summer but lower than last winter. I haven’t done much real exercise, which is probably why. Also, we started eating out again, especially this month with the kitchen all taken apart in my house. Last night we put the stove back in place so we were able to cook again even if we do have all the pots, cookware, and even pantry stuff in the living room still. (He even gave me the night off by cooking dinner and taking care of the kids while I went to get the milk. Unfortunately, she wasn’t home so we couldn’t have a chat.)

I’ve been extra tired this week. We all had the stomach flu last weekend. I’m still a little down from that. Then the stress of getting the kitchen ready for the new floor. Well, that went in on Thursday with no problems. Now we just need to get everything put back together. Plus, the uncertainty over missing my monthly didn’t help. Mid-November means we’re having only 5 and a half hours of daylight assuming it’s clear. That’s enough to make anyone tired.

I really need to start doing something regularly for exercise. Combine the darkness with nearly record sub-zero temperatures this week to keep everyone inside. I haven’t even been splitting wood since we stated working on the kitchen floor. We bought heating oil because there was no place to put the wood inside.

I could use the Turbo Jam exercise videos if my kitchen wasn’t all in the living room. There’s literally 2 paths in the living room with tools, kitchen stuff, and cabinets everywhere else. So until then (hopefully by the end of the week), I don’t have a good place at home to work out.

We’re starting to drive each other crazy. The kids are bursting with energy and stuck inside. I’m tired and loosing patience. Exercise is the solution to all of these. The weather is supposed to warm up to zero mid-week. Then we can get outside again for a little exercise. Maybe the living room will also be cleared to the point that I can do TurboJam while they play outside. I’d take everyone to the gym if I wasn’t worried about getting sick.

So in a nutshell, my fitness is on hold until the weather warms up or kitchen is all back where it belongs so I can use the living room again. Rather frustrating, but probably worth it in the long run. This kitchen floor is something we’ve been looking forward to for years.


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