Misc updates

We’ve been busy lately with projects. Right now they’re at the hardware store getting parts and picking up the boxes of flooring from Floorcraft. Soon the new floor will be in the house, even if it’s not properly installed yet. I’m excited!

The only thing left for me to pick out are the table legs and that’s because it wasn’t until today that hubby decided we were replacing them. Now you know where I’ll be tomorrow. Hmmm, can I sneak in new cabinet handles while I’m there? Probably not.

The kitchen is now in the living room except the stove and table top, which will be removed Wednesday. Yesterday we moved the sink counter and cabinets. I did the dishes in the bath tub last night and expect to do so again for the rest of the week. Today the guys finished removing the old flooring and started bracing the weak spots. Tomorrow they should finish that. Since we have the refrigerator out, we will paint the wall behind it. We also want to insulate the wall behind where the sink cabinets were since that’s always cool in the winter. The installer will be here Thursday and Friday. We still haven’t decided on replacing the counter tops or not.

When we removed the cabinets last night we found a few forgotten treasures. There was a huge wrench (probably for working on the drain pipes), a jar of silver polish, a very old lid, a plastic bib from McDonalds, and a paper bag from Pay & Save (which went out of business about 20 years ago!).

Richard earned his soccer table today! We don’t have the proper ball for it though, but one we have works. Right now it’s in the kitchen, but will be moved to his bedroom later. Not sure what his next reward will be, probably lessons of some sort.

I tried to make butter from the cream in my jar yesterday but I must have too much milk in it because it didn’t work. Oh well, it will still be great for mashed potatoes and hot chocolate. I’ll have to be more careful when skimming to get just cream.

We had a large dump of snow at our house. In town they didn’t get as much. Now the skies have cleared and the temperature has dropped like a rock. It’s -14F here now and still getting colder. It’s not supposed to get above zero all week. That’s pretty typical of this time of year: a big snowfall followed by a big cold air mass.


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