The Great Sock Hunt

Hmmm. No clean kids’ socks. I know it’s time to do laundry, but only 2 pair are in the basket. Where’s the others?

And so begins The Great Sock Hunt and Laundry Roundup today.

Behind the door. Under the bed. Under the sofa. Hey, this is a great way to teach prepositions đŸ˜† !

There’s one hiding behind the chair! Do I even want to know why this one is by the toilet? Aha! Under his bike helmet. Quick, before they hide again! Under the dresser. On the shelf. Under the rug in the corner is a herd of socks!

Shhh, a pair of nightgowns are behind the dresser. There’s a pair of pants beside the bed! A shirt was peeking out behind the bed. Grab it! There’s another one under the chair!

Did we catch them all? Not quite. There’s another shirt hiding by the bed.

Whew! Ok, everybody into the washer.

Yikes! One sock escaped under the refrigerator. Sorry, it’ll just have to go in with the next load and be lonely.


2 Responses

  1. I did like your post, especially that part, when you say: “it’ll just have to go in with the next load and be lonely”. I imagine the situation… Thanks for your humour

  2. Thank you. We actually had fun gathering the laundry yesterday managing to turn a dull chore into silliness.

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