Stomach flu

Saturday night our son was very sick to his stomach. I had it last night and it was after 7 this morning before I was able to get some rest. Today my husband has it too. I think stomach flu is worse than regular flu because you can’t eat.

At least with my son it didn’t last long. He’s like that though. Gets sick then right back playing. For me it hangs on. I’m so hungry today but don’t dare until at least tomorrow have anything other than water.

Since we’re all sick, we ran out of split firewood and no one had the energy to cut more. My husband is now at the heating fuel company arranging the tank filled. He’s also bringing home 5 gallons to last until the truck can get here. It’s getting chilly in the house.

Heading back to bed now.


2 Responses

  1. Sorry that you’re sick! I can imagine that the stomach flu is no fun.

  2. Magnifique,
    Thanks for reading my blog. It was no fun, but were better now. That was a year and half ago. Right now, the regular flu is going around. Nothing too serious with us, but some kids have high temps.

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