Old fashioned weekend

We shut off the power yesterday afternoon and have been having an old fashioned weekend. We had to turn the power back on this morning because it was -5F and we were concerned that without the heat tape, the water lines between the house and tank would start to freeze. We’re keeping other things off except the refrigerator and water system today though.

We have been using only the wood stove for heat. I heated water on the kitchen stove for Karen’s bath and dishes last night since the furnace is off. We’re out of heating oil so I’d have to do that anyway.

Last night we had the wood stove and 2 candles for light. It’s getting dark around 430 so we went through almost 3 candles. I fashioned a reflector out of aluminum foil for behind one of the candles. It really helped the amount of light in the room. I used it in the kitchen while doing the dishes then moved it into the living room for the rest of the evening. I was even able to read a bedtime story and my Bible with it. It reflected the light from behind the candle back into the room rather than out the window. The other candle was on top of the bookcase across the room. We sang hymns by firelight, enjoying the cozy family time with our Lord.

The kids brought up Trouble last night and have been playing that. Right now they’re playing Yatzee, Karen just got a Yatzee (all 5 dice the same number). We’ve also been reading.

It’s now warmed up to zero outside. Inside is comfortable 65. I plan to make chicken rice soup for dinner. My son had a sick stomach last night so I had to change the original plan of chili and rice. Overall, it’s been a real nice, cozy weekend.


6 Responses

  1. Was there a reason you shut the power off?

  2. It’s just something we like to do. We would prefer to shut off the power a few times a week, but in reality only do a few times a month. It helps remind us to not be caught up in man’s technology and makes us more thankful for the technology we choose to use. The kids learn hands-on about living without electricity rather than simply reading about doing without in pioneer books or missionary studies. It also makes it less traumatic when the power goes out unexpectedly for extended amounts of time.

  3. What a cosy scene you paint.
    We put the heat on only as needed, and when on, the thermostat is set at 62, we do use throw blankets but mainly dress in layers, we stay comfortable. Another nice, wonderful, cosy thing is a hot water bottle, so nice to pop into our bed to warm up the sheets while I brush my teeth and wash my face before climbing into bed. My daughter loves her hot water bottle too!

  4. Martine,
    We use hot water bottles sailing. That sure helps on a cold, damp watch.

  5. Being in Florida this is a great time of year because we are using neither heat nor AC. Just ceiling fans. We rarely turn on the heater before December.

  6. Dee,
    That sounds nice. It’s 2F and foggy outside now. Snow has been falling off and on. We’re supposed to get 3 inches tomorrow.

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