Yeah, my kitchen is a mess!

Yes, you did read the title correct. I’m very glad my kitchen is a mess. No, we didn’t have a food fight. Nor is it covered in dirty dishes and spilled food. In fact, most of my dishes are in the living room for the next 2 weeks. Actually, most of my kitchen will be in the living room. Monday the fridge was moved. Tuesday was the first set of cabinets and counters. This week will see the other set of cabinets and counters, including the sink. Finally the stove will go out.

Why? Well, after 30 years, this house is getting new, professionally installed flooring in the kitchen and part of the living room. It’s wood laminate. Sometime in the early 90’s the original flooring was ripped up and stick on squares put down. For the last few years, I’ve been dreading mopping. I get up more floor than dirt.

The installer has already done a pre-install walk-through and measure. Yesterday we ordered it. They have enough in Anchorage, so as soon as the truck gets up here, it’ll be ready to pick up. So if everything goes as planned, in 2 weeks, I’ll have a nice new kitchen floor. Then we just put everything back in time to have a big Thanksgiving party. We may get new counter tops since they’re off already anyway.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations! I’m happy for you!


  2. cool post pictures when it is done.

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